Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Last year Suzanne from The Shabby Tiara introduced us to a fun game called "5 Words" and we all take the same words and blog about them either in word or images or both. Everyone had fun with this one so I thought it was time to do it again. Ready? Let's play 5 words then.


SKIN..... Can you imagine how it would be if we had no skin covering our bones. I'm just saying, imagine you're at a party and wanting to would you know who was who? How different can bones possible look? Although after yesterday at my Rheumatologist's office and seeing my x-rays I'd say hope yours don't look like mine!

Just think of the things we do to our skin to keep it looking like this

BURGUNDY.....and this rich hue of red and brown combined with a dab of blue or purple to create a strong lovely burgundy. I love it with browns, lime green, turquoise and have you tried it with orange?...very edgy but nice

CROSSROADS..... an image that makes my skin crawl. Not too many places more dangerous than the outdated railroad crossings without the arms that cross at the presence of a train. We have such crossroads near here and I cannot tell you the number of people and mostly the elderly or the young adults and teens who are killed there each year. HOW MANY MORE PRECIOUS LIVES MUST BE ENDED BEFORE WE WAKE UP TO WHAT IS REALLY MOST IMPORTANT AND DEMAND CHANGE!

FURRY.....Oh so cute, so adorable but whoa nellie.......these furry little creatures cause us much angst as they forage in our pear trees, peach trees and plums year after year snapping the fruit from the stem to lie on the ground and rot before they've riped to a stage where we can pick them! I won't even tell you what Punkin Darlin wants to do to them because I want all of you to still love him! :)

SANDWICH.....Be still my heart.It's lunch time and what must we do (we who are trying so desparately to shed some flabby abs before our Boston trip) well we eat very sensible and healthy sandwiches of course and without the chips I might add

and we play the Pretend Game (or as our grandson, Joe pronounced it when he was very young "PEETREND") and we just peetrend it is this

now that takes quite an imagination.

So c'mon and play. Just snag the badge and the five words and do your own thing!


  1. I am so clueless these days and desperately needed someone to tell me what to blog about. Let me walk my "furry" friends and then I'll be back to add my post and send people back to Miz Mollye.

  2. I must be living on planet Mars because I'm clueless what I'm suppose to do. :( I'm so stupid. I'll go and read more.


  3. Well Miz. M. I will take your challenge but first I want to comment on your two previous post. Amazing. You are such a strong, creative woman I am just proud to know of you. I love your Alter Ego work. Great job.

  4. I'm not quite sure what to do either! lol So I'll just stop by and say hello! sandie

  5. Well, dang! Today was Word Wednesday for me. If I'd seen this earlier, I'd have done a different word!

    Maybe tomorrow...

    Leaving your window open so I can come back and read from Rest High on the Mountain. (Am on an errand right now--when I changed my blog page, the link to your blog mysteriously disappeared and I need to replace it!)


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