Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi Kids...What Time Is It?

Well Gee Buffalo Bob, "It's Howdy Doody Time"!

I know, I know. If anyone reading this is under say 50 years old you're probably wondering "Now what the heck kind of language is she speaking"? or "Wow, look at all that vintage stuff".
But for you who are OVER that 50 year old hill, you're saying, "Hey there's the same stuff I have." tee hee

Does anyone remember wearing these? Well you know we could not just wear one. Nope we had to have at least 8 or 10 in different colors and before we put them on, they were washed in a wringer washer and then put on top of the stove in a huge pot of Faultless Starch and hung out on the line to dry. They were stiff as a board and when you had them all on, preferable under one of your Poodle Skirts, they stood waaaaaaaaaay out and of course in school they scratched your legs and fanny something terrible, and when you got up from your desk, there were little white specks all over the place from the dried starch. But boy were they cool.

And weren't you just more than a little proud of yourself for how long you could hula hoop? Course we had stopped wearing the petticoats by then and were in the more sophisticated Sack Dresses, Chemises or even being very daring to try the very new Mini's.
Theres Howdy in the picture next to the clamp-on sidewalk skates which everyone got a new pair of at Christmas. Sometimes when the year had been a little lean, you kept the same ones as they adjusted to your growing foot, and on that year you maybe got a woodburning set instead.

Childcraft........oh how I miss those books. We had the entire set and I poured through them like kids on the internet do today. I was consumed by reading. My favorite was the Boxcar Children series and McCall Magazine as I could flip to the back and take out the Betsy McCall Paperdoll page. I had saved my old Childcrafts for my kids who are all in their 40's now and they beg me to never get rid of those books! Wish they had saved all their little Golden Books which we used to buy for .15cents!

Had to show you here some of the old Granny Squares and hand pieced quilt squares which belonged to my mother-in-law, Miz Pearl. What an angel she was. I wish I was more motivated into making a quilt top or an afghan with them. Both of the little dollies are from the fifties and the coke bottles, wow you could do some damage with one of those clunky heavy things. Before canned drinks, we could get a cold Coca Cola for a nickle. And remember when every girl was a Princess with a white Princess phone? ooh lah de dah

Melmac and red Melmac at that. How cute I ask you is that? And Punkin Darlin was up in the attic a few weeks ago doing some electrical work and he brought down the lamp base you see. It was dirty as dirty can be and had a couple of hair line cracks but we soon bathed it as gentle as a new born babe and glued those nasty little cracks and look at it now. I will for sure be on the lookout for just the right shade and be using this baby. His Momma's old measuring spoons which I still use and the chrome Tea cannister which is just part of the full set I have and still use and Papa's old spittoon...YUK in the nth degree on that!
The darling doll is so old and in bad condition. I got him on the Goodwill auction and for a song almost. But the shipping charges are what eats you up on those auctions. He's peeling and chipping but I like to bring him out of his closet from time to time. Oh I almost forgot...lookit the old "egg beater". I swear to you I do remember when that was all we had to mix up a cake. Amazing how far we've come.

This is a typical rainy, gloomy Louisiana morning and not being able to go out I decided to dig up some bones. I'll do it again real soon as there's LOTS more where this came from.
Happy Trails Boys and Girls, Mollye

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  1. well, these are fun "old bones", Mollye! lol Keep on diggin'!


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