Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hi Everyone!
I had an idea during the night when I was supposed to be sleeping.. shhhh! And I think it's gonna be fun.
Because I've worked for 50 years! Yep I truly have and because I like to write stories that make folks wonder "now what is Truth or what might be a little Spoof" I've decided to combine the two and have a GIVEAWAY!

I will list 15 jobs I've held (actually 14) for various lengths of time during my life and only ONE will be a spoof.

All you have to do is read my list and comment on it telling me which job you think I'm Spoofing about.
The Game begins now ... today and will be open until the end of day on Monday Aug. 31. I will randomly choose an entry and post the winner on Tuesday, Sept. 1.
And DO NOT have to have the right answer to win!

Now here's what the Giveway Box will contain and it's a pretty good sized box, huh?
First of all is this Crazy Quilting Book just loaded with gorgeous eye candy and whether you quilt or not, you will love owning this book and can use these techniques in your art work in so many amazing ways.
Some images here showing you what you'll see inside the book

And the second book is for all who like to journal or maybe you've been a wee bit intimidated about beginning. Never fear, 'tis easy peasy and soooo rewarding. This book guides you on a spiritual journey of "journaling".
Contents of the book for a sneek peek!

And a little glimpse at what you'll find. Lots of artists coming together to share in their work.

PLUS............ depending on your individual interests I will cram the box full of goodies like supplies and little hand-dids. So tell all your readers and c'mon over to play Truth or Spoof.'s my colorful lifetime list of jobs:
1. Telephone Operator
2. Waitress
3. Dental Assistant
4. Domestic Diva to California Family
5. Retail Sales Model
6. Hairdresser
7. House Painter
8. Social Worker
9. Caretaker for Hunting Lodge
10. Paralegal
11. Secretary
12. Retail Merchandise Buyer
13. Income Tax Preparer
14. Copywriter for TV Commercials
15. Carhop
Wishing you all a wonderful, restful and blessed weekend


  1. Well crap! I really could see you doing ALL of these!! Mollye I do believe you could do just about anything!! I'm gonna pick, oh I don't know, Income Tax Preparer! :/

    You are a hoot Mollye dear!!!

  2. Ohhh I picked number 13 also! 13. Income Tax Preparer, it sounded the least exciting and so I had the most trouble picturing you doing that!

  3. My first visit to your lovely blog (from Kimmie's blog) and you're having a fun and gorgeous giveaway! I chose "House Painter" from your very interesting list! Doesn't seem like you'd have time to paint houses with all the other cool stuff you were into??? Thank you for a chance to be the lucky winner of your fabulous giveaway!

    ~*~ Patty

  4. Hmmmm...I was first leaning toward tax preparer, because REALLY...who actually wants to be one? Stressful! But, I'll have to side with Magpie's Nest and say "House Painter" as my final answer. :) P.S. Love the "Artful Journaling" book!!! What a kind giveaway. :)

  5. i could have a crazy long list like this too ;)
    I'll say income tax preparer because you seem to creative to be a bean counter ;)
    thanks for the fun!

  6. Mollye, What a fun idea!!!!! I am chosing hairdresser and I don't even know why. Guess I can just "see" you doing the other things. You are like me with a diverse portfolio of jobs. I even did small home renovations about 10 years ago. Loved it! Take good care, my sweet friend.

  7. Hi Mollye
    Just got your comment on ABAA - looking forward to seeing your box on Monday!
    I've just looked at your photo and I'm wondering which job you did when you were 5 years old.....?
    Anyway, I'm guessing the 'odd one out' is hairdresser. Thanks for the challenge!
    Linda ;-)

  8. I'm guessing hairdresser too! You certainly have had some interesting jobs!

  9. Okay. I'm going with Dental Assistant. Seems to be the odd one out for me.

    (Did I win? Did I win? I wanna win!!!)

    Hmmm. This would be a fun thing to replicate...

  10. Just visiting from Kimmie's blog... I have to agree with Anitra- the dental assistant seems the most out of place to me.

    Love your idea for a Truth or Spoof giveaway. Good luck to everyone but for purely selfish reasons, I hope I win ;)

  11. Hi Mollye , thanks for the invite and I see a few of my friends have been here already :) I would love love love, either of those books, they would definatley be used, you are so generous.
    I think this is a great idea for a giveaway too, and I am guessing the spoof is Dental Assistant. How could you have trained for that when you did so much in retail and so much in secretarial work? I could be wrong though :)
    Now come back to my blog and enter my giveaway, draw is on Monday too.

  12. Oh, I've always wanted to make a crazy quilt! Thanks for the giveaway! I'll guess that your spoof is 9 - Caretaker for Hunting Lodge.

  13. I've always wanted to make a crazy quilt too....okay, okay......I'm going to pick "Dental Assistant" as the spoof....why? I don't just jumped out at me....(and I just know that none of the unusual jobs are the spoof....I totally believe you were caretaker for a hunting lodge).

  14. I'm picking Social Worker,I can't wait to read which one it really was.
    I really enjoyed reading your stories and will be back for more. I was born in 1949 so I identify with your stories very much and enjoy reading about your experiences.
    I've always wanted to do the same thing, write about growing up in the mid west. You have inspiried me to think more about it, thank you.\

  15. This is my first time visiting your blog, so I am coming in blind. Sounds like you have had a very productive and diverse life. I can't wait to start reading about it.

    For some reason, I'm going to say number 5, "Retail Sales Model." Maybe it's because it is the one thing I have no idea what it is. Of course I think "Secretary" is the most mundane of all the occupations, but I'll stick with 5. Can't wait to see the real answer.

  16. Oh I am sure you could do all of these things but for some reason I don't see you as a care taker for a lodge a hunting lodge.

    What a fun idea this is. Wish me luck !!!


  17. What a brilliant idea! Love your blog by the way too. Well obviously I have absolutely no idea! So a complete stab in the dark...carhop!
    Suzie. X :)

  18. Hi there, am visiting you from your comment on the ABAA challenge site and am looking forward to seeing your creation tomorrow!
    You've sure had a load of different jobs, I have no idea what a carhop is, so I'm going to pick that one. Is it some sort of summer fair event? Like you get the parents three legged race at School sports days? You have to hop around an obstacle course made up of cars or something??
    Well that isn't exactly a job though is it... must be something else.
    Loved your comments to go with the vintage sleepytyme images as well.
    You've a lovely blog.

  19. Hi Miz Mollye thanks for stopping by my blog! You are so fun & I feel better knowing I'm not the only one that has had a few jobs. LOL I'm going to link & copy this on my blog if you don't mind it's so fun - just like you! Ok now for my guess & it is a guess I would say Copywriter for tv commercials. Hmmm?! :)

  20. Always love reading your blog,you have a fresh insight to everything. Great theme for a giveaway, I can imagine you doing anything you set your mind to, but I'm going to go with # 9,caretaker of hunting lodge. Don't know why,but it seemed the odd one out. Have a good week!

  21. I am going to say paralegal, just for the hell of it.

  22. Well girlie, this is some impressive list and I can see you doing any of them. I picked 14, copywriter for commercials. xoxo, Toni

  23. My goodness you've had as many jobs in your past as I have done everything from being a hairdresser to a bookkeeper and even a clown for a to unvail the one that I think doesn't fit. Because you have such a great personality you would be great at any of them..but I'm going to pick a's probably one of the first jobs you had...but I'm sticking to it...and thats that...ehhehe!! What an awesome giveaway hon! (((hugs)))

  24. When are you going to tell us which it was? I'm on tenterhooks over here, wondering!


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