Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh my gosh I am so in love with these little cuffs. If you want to treat yourself to an awesome site just filled to the brim with girly and dainty eye candy just take a peek at DollyBelle's Peepshow. Her little cuffies are to die for at the love and little embellies she sews onto them.

Anywhoooooooooo after admiring them for some time, I wanted to make a few for myself and they were indeedie fun to make. I have some ideas for more so hope to play with Cuffs again soon. Just cause!

I like grabbing some yarn and a crochet hook and making these teeny tiny little purses at night while watching TV with punkin. You don't need a pattern to just begin chaining and either single or double crochet and before you know it you have a little purse. Make them as simple or as elegant as you feel like. I am making some more and sewing buttons on them. This one has a couple of wire hoop bracelets for the handle.

The front of this one is multicolor yarn with a tiny granny square and yo-yo for fun. They're playful and useful too!

And just for kicks I had to show you this guy. He is rather flamboyant isn't he? LOL He just hangs around waiting for me to hang something else on him and the best part is he never complains. My such broad shoulders too. His crotch area is adorned with yo-yo's and that black lacy thing is a "bra purse" made from a 38-C. What a guy, all dressed up and nowhere to go!


  1. The cuffs are BEAUTES!!! well done, Mollye

  2. Thank you honey, you're too sweet. I love your piece of the aqua hand with butterfly


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