Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 Words

A fun little word game I found at Suzanne's blog over at The Shabby Tiara where you are given 5 words to write about on your blog. If you would like to play along...leave me a comment with your email address and I will send you 5 words to keep the game going.

Here are mine:
Oh I can't believe the first thing that popped into my head upon hearing this word was an old, old memory. Just goes to show that I must have some still unresolved issues when that happens.
I was having my 6th birthday and it was on a school day. We had just come back from lunch and were having our "rest time" where we all had to put our heads down on our desks for a time and I was aware someone had entered the room and as I looked up there stood my Mother bringing in a huge platter of cupcakes, little Dixie Cups of ice cream, napkins, party hats and the whole shebang of little girl party stuff! She was there to surprise me on my birthday and she and my teacher too had a smile as big as Dallas on their faces. Of course by then everyone else had looked up and knew it was me who was to be the honored guest and all the kids were looking back at me! I am so ashamed to tell you that I wanted to fall into a big hole and die right there. I was so embarassed and put out with my Mother. Of course the kids were happy because we were going to be having a party and what's not to love about a birthday party. And for all those years since, actually almost 60, I think of that memory and cringe and want to fall into that same big hole. Not out of embarassment that my Mother would try to do something nice and wonderful for me her little princess, but because I had those selfish and disturbing thoughts of ingratitude in the first place. But I can only beat on myself for so long and then I must realize that for God's sake I was only 6 years old. And I must stop trying to analyze myself and just leave it be. Since that awful milestone though I've never fully enjoyed a birthday of mine.
Now this word always makes me think of blue as a feeling rather than a color and I was quite pleased to find an image of a young woman obviously feeling blue while wearing the same color. When I am feeling a little sad or depressed like I could be feeling now after thinking long upon the birthday story I liken it to a feeling I call "blue". You're familiar with the term "got a little case of the blues". I wonder if this expression came about from a comparison from the soulful sounds of the Blues in music which certainly have a sad sound. A yearning for something other than. Maybe that is why the color Blue often conjures up in me a feeling of somberness and not a happy feeling or even a serene feeling. I'd have to say I don't think I care much for Blue.

OK girls, I'm digging this word. Laugh and laughter; a universal word for a universal emotion. I watched on TV a couple of nights ago with Punkin a Safari/Hunting type adventure show where a guy had gone to Africa to photograph the Bush People (not referring to George & Laura's family, teehee) and when they had followed the lead of the "Honey Bird", a winged creature who led them directly to honey they were breaking off chunks of honey and devouring the rich amber food of the Gods and smiling and laughing. It was so awesome thinking about this tribe of people, completely uncivilized and knowing nothing of our culture but the smiles were the same on their faces as on the faces of the photographer and his film crew. knows no boundaries. I was humbled and blessed for having watched those Bush people in their naivity of laughter.

Oh what an easy word for all of us. Isn't this in all reality what we do every waking moment. We decorate our faces when we get up and going of a morning. We decorate our bodies with the choices of clothing we wear, our nails and our ears. Then we set about decorating our homes, our children and even inadvertently our husbands, because which of the male species do you know who is able to pick out their own clothing? We decorate our dinner plates with the way we serve our meals. You know presentation...presentation...presentation. And we re-decorate our homes, moving furniture this way and that and then back again. Flowers on the tables, little doilies, knick knacks galore. We decorate the graves of loved ones and we decorate our hair of course. We then move outside and decorate our yards. Of course we sometimes decorate our cars and trucks. Our mailboxes. We decorate our pets with fancy collars and even clothing. We love the holidays and seasons too because we can all agree at one time that it's time to decorate. And in our FREETIME, we go into a room called the Studio, Sewing Room or the Art Room and we cut, and glue and paste and tape, solder, screw, attach with wire, brads, staples, needles, thread, buttons and more and we DECORATE!

Another word of which our lives are made. But for the Grace of God we would not be here on this earth if it were not for the lessons yet learned. He's not through with us. We are still learning. Why do we remember to do things differently and not repeat the same bad behaviors? Because we have learned our lesson. Why are we able to blog and communicate with each other and do the things we do? Because we have learned the lessons. Everything in life we know is because of lessons.'s the fiber of our lives.
I also am drawn to another thought of wanting so badly a couple of years ago to be able to play the Violin. So I bid on and bought through one of the online auctions a great Violin. I took it to the local string repair shop and had new strings and a tune up and even lined up a teacher. Someone who would give me lessons. I bought books, and tapes. I boasted to my family that I had a Violin and I was going to be taking private lessons. I told my daughter Lori about the wonderful man who was going to teach me and she knew how much in love with my Violin I already was, so she graciously presented to me a special little surprise pressie. A beautiful lead crystal paperweight with an etched violin. What a glorious gift. Something to sit and gaze upon in wonder. A treasure. And I remarked to her that I would like to pay her for another one of those to give to my Violin teacher for Christmas. Well as you can imagine she got it immediately and brought it to me, accepting no money either. That's the way daughters are aren't they. Well to make this long, dull and rather "blue" story a little shorter, my violin teacher never came to give me my lesson. He didn't drop me like a hot potato, he just forgot about me like a cold one. I became more than blue. I became downright depressed. I tried to learn to play it on my own with the audio tapes and there probably were cats and dogs from miles around who had to be medically tended with ear damages from the screeching sounds coming from my instrument. My Punkin Darlin usually one to show great support for any of my endeavors was not impressed with my string abilities, and I was by then convicted to thinking that I had been a fool to get that violin, an old woman in her sixties wanting to learn to play the Violin. Why even the Violin teacher didn't want to deal with me! So the beautiful violin still sits in the case, I keep it free of dust and lovingly touch it from time to time. And the dumb, mean old insensitive Violin teacher's beautiful Christmas gift still sits in it's box in my underwear drawer. I can barely stand to look at it. Lessons.......... Another one well learned.

So there you have it.............My 5 Words.
Ready for yours now?


  1. Well I won't play your game but I had to comment on your story about the violin teacher. It is a pity your violin is such a nice one. My first instinct would have been to look him up and bash him about the head with it. (Sorry I have been in a sad mood lately). Seriously though have you asked him what happened? He might be suffering from Alzheimer or something and has just forgotten.

  2. Hello Mollye! Yes I can leave a comment! All my followers are back on now, so maybe they have fixed the problem!
    I think you were meant to get that violin. Perhaps something happened to the violin teacher? Don't take it to heart so, If he forgot, then it is his ignorance, and if he couldn't for some reason, then that is not down to you either. Either way, you have a beautiful violin! Maybe there is a lesson even in this?!! Like having faith in yourself and not allowing what others do reflect on yourself, and the way you see yourself. Sometimes when I feel let down by others I manage to turn it on myself, because of old wounds from when I was younger. That lesson keeps coming to test me, and I still often don't learn! But I am getting better at realising that peoples ignorance, hurtfulness, forgetfulness, etc., belongs to them and not me! Suzie. xxx

  3. Good Golly Miz Mollye...that was some creative way of playing the 5 word game. I loved it all...from the 6 year old birthday story on down to the violin. I am so glad you played along!


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