Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All ya gotta do is Dance, Dance, Dance

Last night was the first night of Dancing With The Stars and it started off with the men, eight of them showing us what they could do with a Latin dance and a Waltz. Tonight the women will take the dance floor and compete in two dances and the first elimination will take place tomorrow night where two will be sent from the dance floor onto the streets.
The show is my favorite and yes way over the top of American Idol, Survivor and all the other reality shows put together. Why... You may wonder and I really don't know except I think Dancing is so Universal. It seems almost to be like a "bodily function" and almost the same as when a babe learns to walk. We dance for so many reasons and we dance in so many degrees and levels but we can all do it. Good or bad, when we're happy or sad it's just something we do and if we don't then maybe we should. It's good for you. It makes you happy and it keeps your joints lubricated.
I love the choreography, the costumes, the music, the talented professionals with the elaborate and beautiful make-up, hair styles and their exquisite perfect bodies. I love to see the celebrities go from athlete, singer, model, actor, and this season a politician to a Dancer in a few weeks.
Dancing With The Stars, a true "feel good" show for me. I wrote this little tribute to my parents affectionately known by the family as "Mom and Pappy" because they always found time to dance, because I miss them and miss seeing them take to the living room or kitchen dance floor when simply walking had become an effort for them and I like to think they now Dance With The Stars.
I Daydreamed Them Into Song and Dance
Gene Margaret and George Frederick Gregory
taken in 1944 at ages 17 and 23

1973's rendition of Tony Bennett singing "My Romance...doesn't need a thing but you" is playing as my Daddy whirls my Momma amidst billowy clouds most certainly known as Heaven's Magnificent Dance Floor.
Her vibrant floral gown glides as made of tulle and chiffon. Her feet so tiny, so lithe and feather like she appears as a moth. Never missing a beat, twirling and dipping, not taking her eyes from the one who holds her and the one who holds her heart.
Gently yet masterfully he leads and so sure of themselves they appear as one. Their smiles are for none other.
His once pitiful, arthritic joints are now so fluid, strong and agile. Free of all known earthly pain.
The song has ended much too soon and gliding, the vision to the stars again I find that the stardust remains.


  1. Awww...I love how you dedicated this post to your Momma and daddy!
    Big DWTS fans here. Was it me, or did the judges take off the gloves in the first week. Whew!:-)

  2. Your posts are so magical! I really enjoyed imagining them dancing like that. It reminded me too, of my Nanny and Pop (grandparents), when they first had their chemist shop (Pop was a chemist) and Nanny used to roll back the carpet in their room upstairs and dance! Thanks for another great post! Suzie. xxx

  3. We have dancing with the Stars here in Norway as well. It just started this Saturday and as always it was so much fun!

    Have a happy Tuesday!

  4. How sweet to dedicate this to your mom and pappy. And how wonderful to have such great memories of them.


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