Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Love Weddings Don't You?

It was such an honor to recently be a part of a special wedding and I just finished a scrapbook I made to present to my friends as a wedding gift when they return from their honeymoon and wanted you to be the first to see it all since you could not be there for the actual wedding!

It all began right here in Looneyville, Kattucky and started with the nuptials of Cletus Felineous to Helen Louise Harrington. Thus began a string of marriages because

before you knew it we all were invited to celebrate the wedding of Percival P.Pigmalean to Pansy Swinemington the sweet daughter of Sam and Sarah our neighbors. It was lovely

and itseemed as if something was in the water here in Looneyville as no sooner had we turned around we heard that Thomas Benjamin Longhair (he was of native american descent)whom we have always called T. Ben proposed to Goldie Pusser from over close to the Funny Farm Valley Goldie accepted of course and she and T. Ben set out designing their own invitations
and Mr. Purrington our mailman hand delivered each one with roses for T. Ben and Goldie's grand wedding party

Oh in a small town such as Looneyville it didn't take anytime at all before everyone was talking of the big news. The girls at the salon were all abuzz

and even as far away as Bearry Hill the good news traveled

Goldie's mother, Miz Kitty was beside herself because she and Mr. Pusser could now take that long awaited and planned for vacation up to Mousington they had yearned for
The Whitefur Family over at Bearry Hill was delirious as they had all gone to school with T. Ben and were happy to see their friend finally settling down
and even the little ones gaily celebrated the news

and you know that Goldie is such an organized girl and her list making began with first things first and the required trip to the courthouse for blood tests and the license

then the minister had to be selected, but T. Ben felt obligated to ask his old friend retired Judge Harry Hisster who was now the town's Constable. He suffers from a sleep disorder and is an ornery sort but agreed to perform the ceremony out of friendship for T. Ben and his family.
Because music plays such a large part in Goldie's life she wanted the very finest at her wedding so she arranged for the Cats Choral Society to supply the vocals

and Aunts Callie and Persialou insisted on crocheting her veil.

Last minute lessons on manners and wedding behavior were taught all over town

and before you knew it the big day had arrived and the guest began arriving and oh it was glorious. Everyone turned out for this wedding. Doug, Daisy, Daddy Dawg and all five of the children came and as you see in their finest.

Beulah and Barney Twitter came

and Gretta Gooseman. We felt sad for Gretta as she had recently lost her beloved Gandeyford.
Percival brought Sam and Sarah. Pansy stayed home as she was already expecting and having nasty bouts of morning sickness. We all hoped it was not the swine flu.
The Tabby Family arrived by coach

and others came by buggy

some of the kittens even came in wagons.

Everyone was finally seated and the choral ensemble started singing and so beautiful it was as the wedding party came down the aisle beginning with the junior bridesmaids Claudine Maurine and Penelope Martha

then the brides best girlfriends from school, twins Retha and Ravenette Rabbiterto

followed by the Ringbearer Frankie and Flower Girl Felicia Felinesky (little brother and sister of the groom's sister-in-law)

and the beautiful maid of honor, Tabitha Meu (called by everyone as just "Tabby").

T. Ben's mother, Beatrice Rozelle was proud and made quite a statement in her couture bonnet, actually flown in from Zurich they said and

even Sneaky McTuft, T. Ben's father was on his best behavior and quite well groomed.
Here you see the groomsmen from left to right; Alvin, Norvelle, Orvill, Melville and Quincey who were impecibly attired and caused quite a stir among the ladies

as did best man, Felix Findemfast Furrball looking dapper and splendid in blue.

Shh..........everyone is standing now as The Wedding March begins. The violinist is the first to play
followed by his little student, Ooma who did a magnificent job as the Twitter children harmonized

Marvin and Mahoney Monk came in right behind the violins on the guitar and flute, such an unusual combination but one that worked well

and of course Goldie just had to include the younger cousins who played the tiny concertina and mandolin as she couldn't bear to exclude anyone for fear of family feuds.

Then the long anticipated moment as Goldie and Thomas Benjamin walked down that long aisle to become as one. Not a sound was made and you could literally hear a pin drop as they began their ascent

then vows were read, paw-rings exchanged and the Constable pronounced: Ladies and Gentlemen I now present to you "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Benjamin Longhair of Looneyville, Kattucky". Much applause here!

Oh it was a glorious and beautiful ceremony after which the madcap and merrymaking commenced with an awesome reception catered by the Fuzzy Girls from Catnip Conniption's Catering Company

and of course a little get down bumpin from some of T. Ben's boogie buddies, The O'Hara brothers

and the partying continued until the wee hours of the night after T. Ben and his missus the lovely Goldie set off on their honeymoon cruise to the islands of Cattoon
while family members waived them off

Hope you enjoyed this wedding. I don't think I'll ever see another quite like it!


  1. Especially if these are the pigs, excuse me, hogs Rueben caught and the reason Rueben and Mollyelou were able to court!!! lol

  2. Molly, when I clicked on this post this morning the only thing that showed up on my screen was the picture of the pigs!! lol Thus the comment!!

    You are a hoot!!

  3. LOL!!!!!! Mollye, you are a total riot! You know why I look forward to reading your blog everyday? Because I NEVER know what you are going to do next! Gosh, you just crack me up!

    And you are extremely clever!

  4. Hi Momma
    Ooma said to tell you that she has indead been practicing her violin, and that she feels honorder to have a granma like you. This was just too precious. I think this should be published and made into a childrens story book ! You are amazing ! I agree with Ellie !

  5. I was hoping to see Sunny and Daisy May Wendling among the guest list! Those two love cats and other critters so much I'm sure they would have come and watched!

    Love you Ma! :) <3

  6. What an imagination you have! Your grandkids, if you have any must love to hear stories by their granny!

    This was a joy and you are so funny Mollye.
    Thanks for inviting me to this wedding, I enjoyed every moment and every image.

  7. Glad you all could come and Thanks for humoring me in my glorious silliness! Sometimes I wonder just when I will get old enough to "grow up".lol
    You are the ones who fuel my imagination because without someone to read, there would be no one to write to!

  8. I love it! I love it! Thanks for making me smile! Suzie. xxx

  9. Amazing wedding, great post *giggle*


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