Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Will Your 5th Sentence Say?

I have a new blog friend, Heather from Ragged Old Blogger and she had written about this little exercise in writing which she found over at The Weaver of Grass who tells you to randomly choose a book, any old book and go to page 161. Find the 5th sentence on that page and feature that sentence on your blog.

I selected my workbook of the Beth Moore "Breaking Free" bible study. The 5th sentence on page 161 reads "He Works In Countless Ways", and this spoke to me as God indeed works in so many ways we simply cannot count.
And it also made me think of Labor Day as a reminder of the countless ways we work in our lives and to stop and acknowledge all those working today and for those of us who are not working today to celebrate the day and Rest! To Listen and to Meditate on God's Countless Ways.

Wishing you a Safe and Happy Labor Day! mollye


  1. Great post Mollye - just read about you linking your blog to mine and yes, that is fine and a lovely compliment.

  2. Thanks for the reminders Mollye, we can get so busy that we do not stop and think on both!

    Have a wonderful day - my husband and daughter are sleeping in, they got in late, as did my oldest son. They were at Nascar yesterday. Kasey Kane won!!! My daughter is beside herself - she is a fan!!!!! lol

  3. What a cool idea, Mollye....I love random creativity! Hope you are having a good long weekend!

  4. Wonderful idea, and I love the sentence you got. Love the look of your blog too! Suzie. xxx :)

  5. Wonderful post mollye. If we could only start out each day remembering that....hmmm,sounds like an idea for a project. Hope you dont mind me borrowing it and using it in some way. The wheels are turning in my brain right now as I think of ways to turn it into art.

    Have a good week mollye.


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