Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

I'm always happy when it is time to post Pink Saturday. Don't you think this just brings out the best in all us lovers of PINK?

The first three images just remind me of how fortunate we all are to have such awesome blogger sisters and these are for YOU!

And if this is not the cutest picture I've ever seen. Love these sweet soft perfect babies all hanging out to dry!

Okie doakie girls that'll do it for this week Pinkies. And tonight I am going to the Louisiana State Fair with camera in hand hoping to capture some freaks in pink and stuffed poodles, cotton candy and who knows what I'll find to show you next week.

Happy Trails cowgirls, mizmollye


  1. Thanks Mollye
    You are awesome!
    Have fun at the fair

  2. Great pictures! Happy Pink Saturday and have fun at the fair!

  3. Happy Pink Saturday...can't wait to se what you find at the fair for us!
    Hugs, Leslie

  4. Have a wonderful day at the fair! Looking forward to pictures of pink cotton candy and poodles next week!

    HaPpY PiNk SaTuRdAy!


  5. Great photos - those puppies are so darn cute! Have a wonderful time at the fair! Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Mollye... loved your sweet greetings with the ladies for us. And those dogs! Oh, how cute!

    Have fun at the State Fair, and don't eat too many corndogs and then try to ride the Wild Mous or something that shakes you up too much. LOL!

    Do they serve gumbo at the LA State Fair and maybe crawfish? If so, I'll be joining you! I can eat my weight in crawfish, and yes, I suck the heads, too! ;-)

    Happy PS...


    Sheila :-)

  7. P.S. I'm signing up as one of your followers, and I invite you to do the same. I love hearing about things in Louisiana. I have family there! :-)

  8. Miz Mollye! Those puppies hanging out to dry are adorable. I'm thinking your excursion to the State Fair oughta be a feast for the camera's eye. People watching at these types of venues are always so colorful. Enjoy!

  9. Have a great day at the fair! I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  10. I hope you had a great time at the fair. It can be a bit difficult finding things to post for Pink Saturday sometimes.
    I love the fur babies hanging on the line. Can you imagine the excitement of getting them up there?

  11. I hope you have a great time. The state fair is going on here as well, but I don't know if we will make it, Happy Pink Saturday and hope you have a wonderful week, Char

  12. Oh, what a wonderful plan to see the state fair. Love your pink pics. (Still on my Pink Saturday rounds. Have a great week!)

  13. Great vintage photo, Mollye! Love the photo of the puppies! Have a blast at the faire!

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. What great pictures! I am off to check out more of your blog!! HPS and thank you for the birthday wishes!

  15. Hi
    I'm still trying to work my way through all the Pink saturday posts. You have many beautiful pictures here. Wonderful site!


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