Friday, October 30, 2009

One Dead Thousands Without Electricity

You can read more about this at The Shreveport TimesTornados and nasty thunderstorms along with heavy flooding ripped and roared their way across my town last night. And we can all say only.......But only for the Grace of God go I because it could have been anyone in the path of the demonic winds.

The rains began yesterday morning and in fact this has been the wettest October in history and continued throughout the night. Our levees are now at the point of being compromised and the river and lakes have long been declared at flood stages. We are only less than a mile from the Red River. Sandbags are being handed out and shelters have been established in civic centers and schools. Schools are out today and travel is somewhat precarious as many lights are not working and there is flooding in many low lying areas of town. My youngest daughter, Shari is an RN and works nights and said they were lining up patients in the hallways last night as the windows were shaking so bad.

We kept losing our satellite signals last night but kept up pretty much by the PC and spent at least an hour huddled down in my bedroom closet which was really kinda nice just Punkin Darlin, myself and a flashlight! but just as we went off to bed at 10 something the electricity went out for good and just came back on at 9:00 am. I can tell that he took the hair dryer to work with him and that he had heated up yesterdays coffee on top of the gas stove. Poor babe. Thank goodness I keep his work clothes ironed up ahead of time cause he would have really been in a frenzy.

But it is calm now althought we are promised to have rain all day today and ending tomorrow morning.

One 20 year old young man was killed. I pray for his family and pray there are no more fatalities.

Wishing you all a great weekend and please stay dry and safe. Mizmollye


  1. How dreadful, thank goodness you are ok. What a tradgedy for that young man and his family though. Just makes you realise how lucky we are and to cherish our lives and each other too. Happy Halloween Mollye. xxx

  2. I'll keep you in my prayers Miz Mollye! The weather hasn't been kindly to Atlanta the last couple of months either. :(

  3. Oh, how awful! I hate things like this, and Louisiana has had too much bad stuff. Storms be GONE! I hope you all stay safe...




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