Thursday, October 22, 2009

Punkin Days A'Coming Soon

Morning Girls

I know we have only one more week of creating those Halloween funsies but I thought some of you may be lagging like me and I wanted to share with you these little vintage Halloween cards and greetings. I think the artwork is amazing and as a really quick fix you could just adhere the images on cardstock, ink the edges and tear or cut with wavy edged scissors and you have a charming and very easy peasy little card for someone. And then you could add a little embelishment or two like a bow or maybe a rivet or glue on some bling or maybe even glitter it up a bit and there you have it!

Happy Halloween to you all from mizmollye!


  1. Wonderful images molly, thanks so much for sharing with us. Really like your new background on the blog. First time I've noticed it, and thinking you have a new header too. Anyway, it all looks great. Have a great friday!

  2. Aren't those just gorgeous, not long now til Halloween! People in this country don't really make as big a thing of it as over there. When we lived in Canada though it was pretty big! Suzie. xxx

  3. Mollye,
    These are wonderful! Thank you for posting them as share items. I love 'em. I will enjoy using them!

  4. I swear, they sure knew how to make Halloween SHINE back then! These are delightful!


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