Friday, November 6, 2009

EEK! Sometimes It takes A Picture

Isn't it funny to look back at old pictures and realize WOW I truly have aged! We really don't see ourselves any differently than we used to look most of the time and if we feel good then I guess we tend to see ourselves at other times when we also felt good.

Well I can tell you, I have not been feeling as good as I was feeling in either of these photos. But it's all good, cause ya can't keep a good girl down!

This was made of Mike and I on New Years Day 2003 and we'd only been together for about a month, so you can see we are truly charmed with one another! Even Louise is on her perch over Punkins shoulder and looks pretty enamoured with him. Boy we sure had fixed ourselves a huge mess of food there! gulp!

And here we are again this past summer just 'a fishin away. Same folks, a few pounds heavier and glasses a little smaller but all in all still charmed with one another!


  1. A few pounds heavier mean you're enjoying each other and your life! Love the pictures, Mollye. And may you have many more happy years together...


    Sheila :-)

  2. awwww this is so sweet! You guys are still cute!!


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