Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eureka she said

Yeppers...This one is more ME. Roll me over and stick a fork in me cause I'm done now.


  1. Love your new look, great job!

  2. Hi Mollye we are so happy you stopped by for a visit...even in the meddle of your "makeover"!! LOL!! Your look is FAb, enjoy it!!!

  3. Hi Mollye, love your new look! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You know it is wonderful all the people I have met through blogging - I keep finding all these wonderful blogs, and the people behind them that it is becomming hard to keep up. I believe I could spend all day on the puter having a blast. Too many times of late it is dinner time and there is nothing on the table!!!! I need to find a balance, and I believe I will, but that probably means less time blog hopping. So all that to say, if I seem scarce from time to time know I am trying to find that balance.

  4. Mollye, the above post is from me - Mary!! lol
    I am on a new computer and my son was signed in!!!! It is still gonna say from Brian - I will have to sign off and sign back on!!!!

  5. okay, I fixed it!!!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Molly dear!!

  6. I can identify. I'm always wanting to change my blogs, backgrounds, etc. I created a couple of practice blogs to experiment with. When I get it like I want it I change my real blogs. Right now I've been experimenting with Christmas headers and have them ready to go - after Thanksgiving. I couldn't wait for my doll blog and went ahead and went Christmasy there. Oh well, all the stores and malls are decorated, lol

  7. Fantastic Mollye! It is so festive and so YOU!


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