Monday, November 2, 2009

Fly Away Babies, Fly Away Home

Motherhood is wonderful when they are babes and it is beyond wonderful when they are grown and have come to visit.

But.....................I don't have the energy I had even just a few short years ago and I don't hear quite as well, so instead of asking to continually repeat, I smile and nod and act as if I have heard everything, and people, places and things have a way of grating on my nerves and I just hate that! I feel as if I am a wet blanket on the fun of my grown kids and I feel that I spoil their fun and I end up the day feeling like I'm a cranky old nag. And I hate that too!

I end up doing a lot of crying after they leave. I'm sad to see them all gone. Hubby is in the woods and he has actually shot two deer so we will have lots of venison this year, but once again, the house is quiet. I miss him. I miss my kids.

My noisy grown up kids who were all here just a few hours ago. My oldest daughter will go back home tomorrow. My oldest son just moved to Alabama. My youngest daughter will go back to work tomorrow and her life wil go back to her routine with her family. My youngest son has a new girlfriend. His life is taking on new and happy surprises.

I'm just feeling a little depressed. I think a good nights sleep will do me wonders 'tis just a momma thing I think. A normal thing of just getting on up there. But hey tomorrow I plan to take a picture of all the groovy things I have to mail to someone for my 100th Post Giveaway and I can tell you that you will love it. There is the Lady Journal, a little book all about Reds, a vintage pair of clip-on earrings and choker to match all sizes of rhinestones galore on them! And a beauty of a little after 5: beaded, sequined black satin handbag. Ooh la la. You're gonna love it. So come on back on Wednesday and see what you'll get if I draw your name, but remember you have got to comment on any of my posts where you've seen this postcard. Peace to you all, mizmollye


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling down! I understand, though. My kids are all grown, too, and there are days I just get SO lonesome for them, and for my beautiful and brilliant grandkids. sigh.

    But I Love the kitten postcards!!

  2. Oh Mollye I so understand! Without going into all the very complicated backgrounds. We adopted all 3 of our children and they were older when they came, very troubled and abused too. Now they have all flown the nest, but have gone back to live near their natural families. Which, I am happy for them, but sometimes it hurts and I get a ache inside I can't explain! It is hard when we have spent all those years bringing them up and the house is so empty sometimes isn't it! Watch out the window, I am sending you some sweet little rays of sunshine! Suzie. xxx

  3. Mollye, I am sending you a great big cyber hug over the miles. I wish I could be there to eat a bag of chocolate with you, but it's forbidden fruit to me. ;-) Have some for me and climb into bed for a good cry. That always makes me feel better.


    Sheila :-)

  4. Oh Miz Mollye,
    The complicated emotions of being blessed with motherhood and navigating each new season of this blessed journey. I hope that the black clouds have moved on...but it can be so oppressive while they hang over our motherly heads. Sending you a hug of encouragement...

    By the way, your kitty pc's are adorable...

  5. I am sorry to hear you are sad and lonely. I hope you cheer up soon. Do something that makes you happy, play some music you love, bake something... etc. I will be looking forward to your give away!
    God bless!

  6. oh my, miz mollye! i soooo feel your pain. bless your heart. though my nest isn't completely empty yet (i still have a 16 year son at home), i feel the loss of the first two leaving.

    what a blessing and privilege to be a mother ... but no one ever told us about the flipside of that. at least they didn't tell me.

    i guess there's no way we would've believed or understood the "burdens" of motherhood, until we'd experienced it for ourselves.

    saying a special prayer for you today.

    terry lee

  7. I think we all have periods where we are in a "funk". I do hope your spirits lift soon. I'm off to post your giveaway on my sidebar, now get to work on cheering up Miz Mollye!

  8. I'm sorry to hear you feeling sad. It's hard when our children grown up and leave the nest. My 2 children moved to other states and I don't get to see them often. I wanted my kids to grow up strong and have wings but didn't expect them to fly so far! Warm hugs, Esther

  9. We raise our kids to be independant and are so happy for them when they turn into accomplished adults. But then they go and leave us! Don't they know that they still need their mommas? It is sad to have them away, but give yourself a pat on the back for raising them right and then put a light in the window for them to find their way home! Congrats on your 100th post!


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