Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

And remember Boys and Girls what Mister Rogers always said....................

"You can make this day Special just by being YOU"

Have a great day, Mizmollye


  1. Oh, I love Mr. Rogers! Thanks, Mollye!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Hi Molly...Was in the 'Neighborhood' and thought I'd stop by and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Mr. Rogers was so special! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my 'DoinIn The Turkey' Story! I hope the bunnies are RIP in the freezer. LOL!!!

  3. Love your layout on the blog page mollye. The blue goes great with your christmas tree. Hugs,Betty.

  4. Would you be mine, could you be mine, won't you be my neighbor? I watched that show alot growing up.

  5. Every time I visit you have a new background! I love them all, so I'm glad, though. Another bloggy visual goodie!

    I'm sorry I've been so busy! Believe it or not, I think of you practically every day, and Mean to come over. Oh, and I keep forgetting: My brother is not the one with the big garden. His house was recognizable for a LONG time, though, as being the one "sided" with white Tyvek. Do you know the one?

    Love and hugs, and I love Mr Rogers, too!


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