Monday, December 28, 2009

13-2.....still mighty good

Win or Lose we still love dem boys

Always have

Always will

No more paper sacks for Who Dat!


  1. Love this music! Go Saints! However, I gotta go with them Dallas Cowboys!!!! As you or lose...we love em! Happy New Year, Mollye!

  2. Is this another new blog look? I love it...especially the timepiece at the top. What's your secret?:-)
    Okay, I live near Miami but that's hopeless. My girls like the Cowboys...because one would love to be a DC Cheerleader. (lofty goals, huh:-)
    BUT...the rest of the family is pulling for the Saints! We are big Drew Brees fans, for one. Go SAINTS!

  3. I love my Wildcats too, win or lose. We lost Sunday night. Oh well another year will be coming and looks like a new coach for us. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. Love your new look and the music makes my feet start to tappin. Hope that you are having a blast with the family!

    Happy New Year!


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