Saturday, December 26, 2009


Can I hear just one Amen on the sound of Whew............Christmas day is over for 2009. But the spirit of Christmas just begins as we now have a "do-over".
A chance to start practicing all the lovelies and pretties we all wished one another.
You know all the Peace and Joy we all said.

I know we all meant it because we were filled with the spirit of Christmas. God gave us that gift when he sent that baby to us.

Now we can still keep Christmas in our hearts each and every day by just remembering how nice we were the weeks leading up to Christmas and practicing the same stuff the weeks and the months afterwards.

What an awesome challenge isn't it.

My tree is still up and all the decorations remain as oldest son, wife and youngins are due in Sunday evening from Alabama for round #2 of Christmas celebrating.
I am just as excited as I was for round #1. Big girl didn't get to make it in this year and my heart is heavy though understanding but I will be spending two months with her very soon for goodness sakes!

This is the week coming up for pondering on the fast approaching New Year and how we will ring it in. A time for reflection. For those darn and hard to keep resolutions many of us make. How bout you? Do you still make them. If you do how long are you usually able to keep them?

Sure hope all of you have a good week ahead. Take your time putting up those decorations and isn't it a joy to begin New Years day with a clean house and no remains of December. Gotta luv it.


  1. Yes it is the test now. Do we continue to be loving and joyous or are we back to complaining and grumpy. Dear Jesus help me to stay close to you and love as you taught us.Amen

  2. Hello sweet Mollye...
    Oh I love this post. Thanks for sharing with me.

    You are going on to round #2, sweetie you are braver than me. Round #1 was enough for this year. Then you 2 months of vacation with the eldest daughter? Oh my gosh how fun is that going to be? I can't wait to see the pics that vacation brings to your post. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way is someone chanting for the Saints to win? Woo-hoo.

    Thanks for sharing 2009 with me. I have so enjoyed it. Can't wait for 2010.

    Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  3. Hey Mollye...Amen to the Whewwwww and all that it entails! I'll be doin some resolutin, but only ones I can 'Can'. No sense in messin with what aint' broke or at least still works good enough for another year! Merry Round #2 and Happy New Year!

  4. It sure has been special sharing with you over the past year, and am looking forward to even more in 2010!! It's been a great year and I agree with you completely we need to remember the love God put in our heart for all people...(((hugs)))
    Kiss you sweet dog for me!!! hhehehe

  5. Mollye,
    I love your new background and header. What a great post. It is true... we are so kind to others this time of year... and we need to carry that through the whole year long. Blessings and hugs to you!

  6. That Dog picture is a riot! What a fun blog! Kerrie


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