Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yes it is beautiful and the kids delight in playing in the white powder so scarce in these parts, but though a winter wonderland visually, as you can see we have TREES.

Trees so old with limbs reaching across the streets as if to touch hands with the ones on the other side. When we get snow sticking to the tree tops and branches, it soon turns to ice and therein lies the problem of the weight which causes the branches to lie on the power lines and before you know it we have thousands in the dark for days and even weeks. When our electricity is out so is our heat.

What a year!From east to west, north to south everyone can relate this year as we have all been visited by old man winter. Time for him to go now..........


  1. I with you Mollye. It's time for the old man winter to get on down the road!
    He came to visit us here at Ocean Isle Beach this morning! Unbelieveable.


  2. WOW, so pretty, Mollye! But please, please don't send it to us in Florida... too much stress for the farmers!


    Sheila :-)

  3. After sliding off the road in the snow last night, I'm inclined to agree that Old Man Winter has overstayed his welcome...if only the snowy days didn't provide us with such beautiful scenes...oh,well...Happy Pinkday:)

  4. yep! it's gorgeous, isn't it? but oh-so-problematic!

    central texas dodged the bullet this time around, with only a little snow and ice. not even enough to delay school opening.

    stay safe and warm, mizmollye!

    terry lee


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