Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Good Friday ... the time of year when Punkin and Mizmollye become more like Pa and Ma Kettle as we've dreamed of, planned for and ordered our plants and seeds. Now the rush to get them in the ground. NOT... we have in the past placed such great belief in the Farmer's Almanac and the golden rule of always having your garden in by Good Friday until we realized it ain't like it used to be and the winters last longer so Good Friday is not planting day at the Self Farm. But still.hmmmmmmm maybe the day after would be a good day to shoot for!

We are so fortunate to live in an area not city zoned and therefore can farm, raise livestock, have a business, or even have rental property on our land. Plus we're not more than half mile from the banks of the Red River with the richest soil around. I do believe if you stuck your finger in the ground here and left it more than a minute that when you pulled it out of the dirt there would be a leaf attached!

Mike's tractor was down for several weeks and it was so disheartening to him having to order parts that were wrong when they finally arrived to things just not working right and finally the day after his birthday last Saturday he was able to get his Kubota going and going she went.

In record time he had our garden plowed and ready for us to row up this week. When we finish planting there, we will go behind the back fence into a pasture and plow that up also and we will grow pumpkins and melons.

I had to hurredly pull these last remaining turnips up so he could go in and plow the rest of them in the earth and that will supply additional nutrients to the growing seed and baby plants.

I'll be sharing with you the progression of the fruits of our labors and you can see how "mizmollye's Garden Grows" from this

to this


  1. My Sweet Hubby is going to get his John Deere out this weekend. It is not a big tractor...just what we use to mow with but we both love her!! We have had her since 91' when the kids & I surprized him on his birthday with it!!
    I can hardly wait to get my hands into the earth to plant in our gardens!!
    Happy Tuesday!!

  2. I would love to be able to grow my own fruits and veges and then be able to can them. How wonderful is this. I just wanted to let you know that I received my basket from Sandie and made wonderful new friends in both of the swap partners. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful party swap.

  3. Mollye, growing up we always had a garden. Several families shared it. And my grandparents had an amazing garden because my grandfather refused to eat vegetables from the grocery store. They lived to be 90 and 97, so something must have worked. That, and they ate a five pound bag of sugar a week between the two of them. LOL!

    Loved seeing this. I wanted to check in one last time before I head out. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. Sending you big warm hugs from Florida. We've got glorious weather today, and today is the day I start my projects on the house. So I will see you when I get back from all of that. Love you much...


    Sheila :-)

  4. I can't grow where I'm at, but I LOVE to see your pictures. It's amazing to me. Sandie

  5. Miz M and Mr M what a wonderful farming life you describe. I know it is hard work. Used to live on a farm. When our kiddos where little. Make them work to help out and the best days of our lives. Some of our children have gardens and thank goodness we get to share the fruits of their labor. Blessings to you and your family for Easter.

  6. terrific post. beets are 1 of the most healthy veggies. I juice mine when I'm being good.

  7. Dear Miz Mollye, what a wonderful post! Never mind the arty challenges, this is the real thing... I'd love the freedom you describe. Just looking at all that produce on your table makes me happy!
    I work at local markets for a farmer selling fruit n veg and to be honest, my family is healthier for it! I'd still rather grow my own, but 'tis the next best thing! Nice to 'meet' you!


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