Friday, March 5, 2010


FRIDAY'S FRAGMENTS prompt me to remember these torture devices

Do you remember them? Most were completely rubber and everyone who was female and over the age of 15 wore them. Yep it plainly didn't matter if you were skinny as a rail you still wore a GIRDLE. And those little snappers ... well there were two on each leg and they were to snap onto and hold these up

And of course we wore a brassiere, the very sturdy, no-nonsense white cotton ones with about 6 snaps at the back and designed to show no clevage and no padding back then, but of course the cups were always a bit too roomy so what was a girl to do? Well duh..of course she raided her little brother's underwear drawer for a nice pair of white crew socks and folded them ever so carefully and inserted into the cup for a nice pointy pair of boobies! The envy of all 12 year olds and then before putting on your outer garments you had to put one of these on and of course we had several colors

After working, getting home from school or whatever and wanting to cool off, we'd head for the public swimming pool and all the rubber and latex came off to shimmy into the latest of what we then called Bathing Suits like this smart number circa 1955

And if you were swimming in a public pool like at the Boy's Club or the YWCA you had to put this on your hear first. Seriously you were not permitted to enter the water without a Bathing Cap. Always made of rubber and about two sizes smaller than your head, especially if you had long hair and they had a very tight strap which snapped under your chin. This was the most common and was found in all colors, though we usually only got one a year. A few years later they came out with flowers and they were the rage of the age

And hearkening back to the padded bras, the bathing suits were padded lightly but if you layed down on your tummy to tan your back and got up the boob area was indented way in which looked funny so we put the crew socks in our bathing suits too and it worked real good except when you forgot to check and the end of one was showing at the top. That got lots of laughs from the boys. My face is red to this day from this humiliating experience.


  1. Oh yes...I can remember it well. We has dress codes in high school. GIrls could not wear pants of any kind. You wore a dress or skirt.... Better than the trash the kids wear today.
    This was when girls were feminine & happy to be so & there was modesty.
    Kids today are too sexual & for the most part they look like they just raided the local Goodwill dump box....Shame on them & shame on the schools for allowing it!!
    Great post!

  2. I would have refused point blank to wear it! I never have worn a bra, and I love going about with no shoes too. A bit of a savage on the quiet! hee hee! Wonderful post Mollye! Suzie xxx

  3. I agree with Marilyn. What happened to our young ladies that now swear like a sailor and have tatoo's and all those pierceing?
    We would have been sent home if we had come dressed like the kids today. I'm always asking my grandson if he needs a belt.

  4. Yep, Mizzy...I had a Swimmin Suit with the padded bra...ThankGoodness for that and the socks! And that cap!! Mine had the spidery flowers and no strap, but I looked kinda funny with the big wad on the side...cotton balls and plastic wrap to keep water outta my ear! Thanks for the memories! I joined you today with a Fragmented Friday 50's Memory! See Ya There!

  5. LOL!

    Fortunatley, I escaped the girdle era, but my mother didn't. I can still remember her wiggling into hers. It seemed like my grandmother had a "corset" with about forty-'leven eye hooks! LOL!

    Loved this post, Mollye...


    Sheila (who is hoping to be blogging again next week... fingers crossed... and is traveling later today!)

  6. Wow that brought back memories and not good ones, lol. those 'bathing caps' hurt like heck taking them off, always pulled out a clump of hair..they had to be tight but they never kept the water out. I was a sophomore in high school I think, when our school let us wear pants to school. My gosh that was wonderful. My boys would just laugh at me now..but it was a big deal then..
    thanks for the chuckle and the thankful ness of not having to wear that stuff now!


  7. I see girls going to school pretty much in booty shorts even when it is cold. This happens at my son's school for example. I am for relaxed dressing but there also have to be some standards and some of these schools don't have any!! Thanks for the flashback Miz M.


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