Friday, March 26, 2010


Please join with me today in wishing my Punkin Darlin Mike a very Happy Birthday!

Oh I'm sad that the guy has to go to work, but the ladies on the job are treating him right and taking him out for a special lunch! And of course some of them will shower him with gifts to let him know how much they appreciate him.

And when he gets home he will open up a few gifties from his family and Mizmollye is taking him to see Avitar which he has not yet seen!

You know we're still in lent, so we may grab a tasty BK Cilantro Lime Fish Sandwich after the flick and when we get home, I have a SURPRISE .............Weight Watcher chocolate treat for him!

Nope it is not a birthday cake this year as we're eating the South Beach way at our house now and that just ain't a part of it. BUT.....hold on because our two-week Phase I of the "program" (ssh! don't say diet, he said) ends Friday so on Saturday ... get back Jack cause we're gonna do the REAL birthday supper the Aussie way at Outback.

So I wish my guy the bestest and happiest of birthdays because I appreciate him so much more than I could ever say. A kinder, more respectful, strong, hardworking, thoughtful and caring man I've never known and sisters I tell you this ole gal has known a plenty!


  1. Happy birthday to him! Hope he has a wonderful time. We went to see Avatar.. really liked it. Are you going to see it in 3D, it was fab. I loved the imagery! Just looked at your slide show. How talented your are, and thanks agian. Wink! suzie xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Mike, Happy Birthday to you!!!

    How's south beach working for you two?????

    I need to do something!!!!

  3. Hi Mollye,
    Happy Birthday to your Punkin Darlin. He looks like a punkin darlin with that cut mustache and beard, he's a cutie.

    And excuse me dear, did you just say that. "this ole gal has known a plenty!"
    That comment cracks me up.

    Have a wonderful time with your sweetheart on his birthday.


  4. Well Happy Birthday Mike! Wishing you the best of days and years to come with your ever lovin' MizMollye!

    Love the new look - so fresh and springy!

    Enjoy the movie!

  5. What and awesome BIRTHDAY GUY ! He is in for a reeeeeaaaalll treat ! Love You Momma and Michael, and congrats on 2 weeks of BY THE BOOK SB Dieting ! Proud of you both and I will call tonight !!!! Love Lori

  6. Happy birthday to you Michael. And many more. Have fun at the movies and when you celebrate at Outback! Good luck on the South Beach diet.


  7. Happy Birthday to your honey!!! Have a great time at the movie. One we are still waiting to see. Be sure to tell him all your blogging friends are wishing him a great birthday.

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday & may He have a many, many more years of good health!!
    Happy Spring!!

  9. Happy Birthday Punkin Darlin Mike!
    I am sure Ms Mollye is going to treat you right today.
    Have fun!!

  10. Happy Belated birthday to your darlin. I know Miz M. will show him a great time. I cleaned up my lens on my camera and hope that takes care of things. Could be well all had too many "feel good" drinks by the time the BD girl got there. Took us forever to get home, a huge fatal accident on I 65 took us way off track with HH bitching all the way home. Our daughter was driving and you know how men are, nobody but them can do it right. Love ya girl.

  11. Happy Birthday to your dear Husband! I hope it was a wonderful birthday!


    Sheila :-)

  12. Awww sorry I missed the part for your dear how did it go when he got home from work??? Did you all have a nice cozy dinner at home, or did you go out!!! If you are like me you like to fix a nice dinner at home...heehhe!!!
    Oh my dear sweet friend, I got the most awesome BASKET from Carey...come by my blog and see what she sent me!!!
    love you darlin!!!


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