Sunday, March 14, 2010


Spring is in the air. Our clock says so because when you SPRING FORWARD, it's like jumping from winter to spring

And this is the way Punkin Darlin wanted to spend his day. "It is a day of rest" I said and to that he just gave me that look. You know the one. So he's making our yard nice and free from weeds sorta making it possible for the real grass to begin growing. Bet he's happy that he can jump up on his Toro and knock em right down instead of having to do it the way they used to do.

And while he's outside mowing.........

this be what mizmollye's doing. He said, "honey, this is a day of rest" at which I just gave him the look. Yep you know the one. I mean if I don't go in the kitchen and do it what the heck will we eat..................

Oh it's a great day today in the neighborhood. Just papa and me and I'm gearing up to make some art cards. Just splish splash some paint here and there and go for whatever serendipituous thing occurs.

'yall have a happy!


  1. Oh Happy Spring Forward Day! Your lookin mighty fancy in your are wearin one right? Funniest thing....I have one of those GreenPush Mowers and HiHoney has the Power Mower and the MusclePower to Push MY Mower. It really is kinda fun to mow the old fashion/green way...when the grass just needs a trim. Otherwise, it's the real gas powered thing that get's used. Have a great Spring Forward good thing is it's a longer day!

  2. Good Morning Sweet Mollye...
    I live in a beautiful place where we don't ever move our clocks. They stay the same. Ha! Ha! Ha! I love it but now I am behind everyone out your way.

    Your Sweetie is mowing, you are cooking and guess what? I am cleaning. Aren't we a group of sorts?

    DH Went to a car show and the house is empty for awhile. I just wanted to visit a few of my FAV blogs and say hello. Happy Spring sweet girl. I love ya sweetie. Have a grand day with DH. All my love, Sherry

  3. Yay Spring! I'm doing some much needed spring cleaning today.

    And having leftovers:-)

    God bless Mollye!

  4. hey mizmollye!

    am not a fan of springing forward, but it hasn't been too bad today.

    you look great in that kitchen of yours! :-) hope you're having a wonderful sunday. it's gorgeous in my neck of the woods.

    terry lee

  5. I hope your jump into springtime is a happy one.


  6. Now Miz M that is how I like to paint. Just read The Help, you have got to read it. I had a Nanny when I was a little girl and that is what The Help is about.

  7. cute blog!! glad i stopped by...

  8. Hubby did the same thing today except I picked up my youngest grandson and took him to Toys R Us for his birthday gift then the park and then, McDonalds. When I came home to start dinner, hubby said "No, you must be tired...let's eat out"...and so we did...Nothing like daylight savings
    Have a good Miz M.



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