Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Oh what a glorious day last Saturday turned out to be.

You see Punkin Darlin was in the middle of a handyman project re-doing our kitchen cabinets and while waiting on some paint to dry, we walked out back to the old shed to look for whatever particular thing he thought he remembered seeing and we ended up staying out there for almost three hours!

Oh sisters I tell you it was something else as he pulled out one drawer after another, peering deeping the caverns of old crockery pickle jars and milk pails
(you see this is the house where he grew up) and I smiled as I heard him chuckle every few minutes and retrieve something dirty, rusty but full of memories as he lovingly cradled a tiny plastic army man, remembering the days long ago when he'd lie on his belly on the dirt floor and make war and peace with the green guys in helmets, and as he pulled ever so carefully old, truly vintage wooden fishing lures, paint chipping and eyes still staring as if to say "will I be used again?".

His Momma, miz Pearl never threw anything away as a woman who had given birth to five children in some very lean times and a pappa, a carpenter always tinkered and kept every tiny screw, nail or piece of wire just in case.

And before you knew it we had several little containers of the biggest assortment of junk, but as an altered artiste type gal, GOOD junk. I'm just askin, is there any other kind?

So we were brought out of our reverie by loud claps of thunder and a darkening sky as we hurried like teenagers into the house, loot in hand to sit and be carefully washed and sorted through another day. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder what we can do THIS Saturday!


  1. You have a lot of nice 'stuff' there - I have one of those drawers too! Sandie

  2. I love you read of your and Punkin Darlin's adventures together. I can just see you scurring into the house from the shed. Our shed is just an old plain square shed all nice and neat with nothing but summer chairs and cushions. Nothing to really reminisce about. It has only been there 12 years, not long enough to gather any memories, and certainly no grands memories. Maybe years from now our kids will be able to do that. Blessings

  3. Oh if only I had a shed like that!!! I can imagine lots of neat ways you could use most of the box of memories. How fun you two must have had.

  4. Oh Mollye Sweetie...
    You and Punkin just sortin the memories in the shed. Does life get any better than that? NOPE! It does not.

    I love the little bird whistle. I remember having one of those, and I adore those wooden fish plugs. I would have those hanging up in the house. What treasure lie in waiting in the old shed at Mollye's. Can I come and dig with you?

    Love ya sweetie. Have a beautiful day. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  5. JACKPOT!!! That's what you Hit!! Husband and Shed! Well, done and well said!

  6. I bet Punkin Darlin was holdin back the tears while going through all that stuff. What sweet memories the old shed must have held for him.
    And what's more wonderful is that you were there with him finding beauty in things that others might throw away. I get teary-eyed just thinkin about it.


  7. Hi Mollye,
    Doesn't every guy with a garage or shed keep every little thing because they might need it "someday"? I know my husband never gets rid of anything, I always tease him, until I need that thing whatever it was! You wrote very sensitively and sweetly about your man and his "stuff"!
    Have a good day!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  8. What a lovey day the two of you had! I hope you share what you do with your "GOOD junk" with us--I know it will be wonderful.


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