Wednesday, March 31, 2010



we have come such a long, long way in communications and can do things we were not even capable of dreaming of when I was a young woman. But along the way with all the sophistication of wireless living we lost something.

For one thing we lost the humanness, the desire to please, to accomodate, to appreciate and in general give good service which made for happy customers.

Good customer service is non-existant today. The general rule is automation, actual limited choices, curtness, rudeness, and a coldness that speaks loudly to the customer; the one buying the service or product that you could not care less if they are pleased or how your attitude is affecting them.

Upon trying to resolve an issue with your internet provider, TV provider, telephone provider, power company, gas company, or water company you end up feeling frustrated, angry, your blood pressure at dangerous levels and your spiritual well being in jeopardy. You end up feeling very dejected and helpless and end up paying whatever your statement reads. To do otherwise only hurts you and your credit.

Those days of "the customer is always right" went right out the window with the Camels of yesterday. Online transactions enable you to do your business without the unpleansantness of dealing with someone not familiar with the Queen's english and the downright rude, but can also be precarious at best as you're exposing your most personal information in cyberland for all the slick willies to steal.

But even going into a store or business to have these type of transactions are almost more than one can bear as you are given no smile, no thank-you and no please come back. Then when you think you're finally able to escape and get in the safety of your car and back home, you can't even make it through the exit door without alarms going off to suggest that you are a thief!

Bottom line here I guess is that for every good thing that comes along we have to expect the bad to come with it. It makes my head spin.


  1. That's what I was kind of saying about Wal Mart the other day - the service used to be so great and now - it's rough to get help.

    And stores wonder why they are losing business! Dah!


  2. Good Morning Sweet Mollye...
    CUSTOMER SERVICE? What the **** is that? I can't remember the last time I talked to a real person. A person who could speak English and one that you could understand. (that actually articulates). What a concept...

    Used to be the associates in the store wanted to help you. Today?? What is a sales associate? When was the last time you saw one walking around that could help you? They are a thing of the past. But they sure do snatch our money at the cash register don't they.

    Then instead of keying in the cost, know we are automated. They read the scanner bar, and I don't know about you, but every time I get in the truck I look at my receipt as I am finding half the time, the register isn't even updated with the sale price and you end up getting jipped. I have gone back into the store many times to refund my money on over charges. Wal-Mart is the WORST about this.

    Have you heard now they are seriously considering having no mail delivery on Saturdays? I never thought I would see that day.

    Okay Mollye you got me on my soap box this morning. I am now stepping off.

    Have a beautiful Wednesday sweetie. I love you so much. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Oh, I heartily agree!! But because of this I find myself growing shorter in temperment also. I think it is a circular thing.
    Too bad for humanity.....

  4. It's a sad fact...
    Thanks for visiting my blog, Miz Mollye - the dominos you liked so much are a 'noemal one with a tri-onimo (3-sided domino), stuck to the top of it... I held them together with a strip of old text books and used gel medium to adhere them. If they make successful pendants, I'll write a tute for making them!

  5. Would you believe that even in Jamaica the customer service representatives for Jamaican businesses when you call are in India or the Philippines. In fact anywhere but Jamaica. It is scary and also monumental stupidity on the parts of our elected government officials to allow it when so many are out of work and our economies are in such bad shape.

  6. LOL I used to work on and exchange like that - didn't wear dresses like that though !!! My Mum did. Brought back memories


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