Monday, March 1, 2010


What do these all have in common?

They're all recycled art cards made from empty boxes.
These are 4x6 Post Card Mail Art Cards, and yep you CAN send them right like this

Wanna make some"
OK.first you must find a few boxes and most any will do.
You can see here what Punkin and I mostly eat in the place of cookies and candy:(

here's one more

and a couple more even

so the first thing you do is to flatten your box so you have a canvas to play with

then you measure the size card you want to make

next you cut it out

and I generously applied Gesso for texture or "tooth" to the smooth card

and I used this thingy for laying down tile to comb through, but anything will work

then I took some alcohol inks and drizzled but you can paint or use anything for color

I then added a little chalk with a dry brush because it was looking to pinkish

and I decided I wanted more texture so I tore strips of tissue paper

and glued them all down with a medium glaze which works as a glue or "topcoat" sealer

and I trimmed it to the card size when it was dry

now the fun part is where you can just glue any images you have handy

and I smudged on a little more inks

and here I really wanted a heavy texture so I liberally brushed on some pink tinted beeswax and while it was still warm stamped some imaging with rubber stamps and then took a little brown wax shoepolish and rubbed it into the wax indentions

and of course I kept on adding more embelishments

and when I felt it was finished I added some quotations I cut from an old book

So again...........this

became this!

Who says ya need to run out and buy stuff?


  1. I salute you as the best Recycle Queen I know!! What a great tutorial!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  2. I DubYa 'Queen of Trash to Treasures'. Very cool 'Chickie'! So, your the Ultimate Slim Gal...Rite?

  3. You are the super crafter!! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. Oh this is a wonderfully simple and smart art project (or so you have made it with these wonderful instructions) I just love haw a pro can make something look so easy ! I DO believe I can make one now though- great illustration ! Love Lori G

  5. I bow to the queen of trash recycling.. I use boxes for gifts but never thought of using them to make cards.. Great idea

  6. I agree with my mom above... I bow to the queen of recycling. Wow! all the work paid off. they are real works of art.

  7. Didn't we wallpaper a house with cereal boxes ....once upon a time ? Well we sure should have !
    Love Your Daughter

  8. Wow...that was fun! I love to recycle too...I'm a regular I'll be visiting again...come on over and say "hey"...


  9. been using ceral boxes for ages but kept it secret..nice to know its now 'cool' to use.. a perfect weight paper board for projects! thanks for the great eye candy how to....


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