Wednesday, April 7, 2010


she did
forrest's mama did say it

an i've been wanting for so long to make some new pillows for the living room for this dark furniture to say SPRINGTIME and woe is me but every dang time i went in to sew the mackine would refuse to behave. only an inch or so and POP the thread would break from the top. i changed needles, changed tension, prayed, oiled and did everything short of a sewing machine exorcism but got nowhere with it.

sooooooooooooooooooo i took it to the sewing machine hospital last thursday and left it for repair

yesterday i drove a new patient to his radiology treatment and had a long wait so i decided to go shop around at the goodwill until he called to be picked up and lookey look what i found for a total of $21.00. Yep four of them and i was blown away because i have the same fabric already! and i like the way they look in here

weeeeeeeellllllll wouldn't ya just know it i no sooner got home and the phone rang and yep it was the sewing machine doctor's wife telling me my machine was ready to be picked up and the cost was $55.00. yikes i only paid $79.00 for the thing and now i owe 55.00 on top of that.

but it was broken and they did fix what the heck am i complaining about. actually when i figure the 55.00 bucks for the machine repair and the 21.00 bucks for the pillows of which i already had the fabric for goodness sake then the pillows really cost me $76.00. ouch....if you say it real fast it won't hurt quite as bad

just like miz gump is like a box of chocolates and ya just never never know what you'll get
for instance we got ourself a green day here today and that my friend spells T-O-R-N-A-D-O and in louisiana ya just never know what you'll get so i better run out and grab my machine while i can and when i get my bad self back home i plan to curl up in these fluffy yellow pillows and enjoy this book that Peggy from Queenmothermamaw suggested i read

i didn't buy it but ordered it from the library two months ago and it finally came in and boy was she is a heck of a good read

'yall have yourself a fine day 'ya hear?


  1. The pillows are great!! I've been meaning to make a trip to our Goodwill. Sometimes you can find a treasure!!

    I saw that book and wondered about it - will need to grab a copy!!!

  2. Sometimes opening a box of chocolates is like opening the bobbin case...the problem is not 'what ya see', but what ya don't. TopThread breaks and messes up when the BobbinIsBroke...and VisaVersa! Bet, ya knew that huh? For what it's worth...that was FREE from ME! Feel better? Still a great buy on the pillows and now you can sew more or sew on your Paper Imagery Designs! That'd be cool!!!

  3. I always have problems with my machine. But I only paid 99 dollars for it brand new. I guess we get what we pay for. Love the pillows you picked up! Nice ruffles on them. I am going to get me some dark choc. today. the darker the better for me.
    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Mollye,
    I think sewing machines were invented to breakdown all the time. Mine drives me crazy.
    Glad you found those pillows, very pretty. Now you can make some more because a girl can never have too many pillows!!


  5. Let me know when you finish the book. I want to ask you something. I loved it. You did get a good deal but by the time you add it up the main thing is your are happy. You are into the storm season too, getting ready to blow a big one tonight.

  6. Girl, I hope I catch the post where you show us what you made on your fancy fixed up machine with all that spare fabric!! Since ya ain't gotta make pillows with it. lol

  7. Hi! I'm a new follower! I came over from Sandie's Chatty Crone! Love your blog. I read THE HELP and I loved it.

    Linda @ A La Carte


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