Sunday, April 18, 2010


see we have lost our mittens.

Remember that little rhyme and story of the Three Little Kittens. I loved that and still remember the little song.

Punkin was on a roll this past weekend. Moving scrap, rubbish from many years accumulation and tree trimming. Upon clearing out a section of the backyard, he noticed a blur of a movement and upon keener inspection, he found a little kitten. Wild as a march hare and as he was trying to catch him/her he noticed another one. He found an old bird cage and put kitten #1 in it and I began to make the little house more comfortable and here he comes up to the house with sibling #2. No more than a few minutes passed than yep #3 joined the little group.

We left to go to Lowe's and saw a cat lying in the road dead and both looked at the other at the same time feeling the same thing. We had ourselves some orphaned kittens.

So he relocated the little family in one of the sheds and I put water in and while we were fence building we saw the real momma run past us frantically searching for her babies. So we put the cage out where she could see it and when it began to rain lugged it inside the shed with the door to the cage open and sure enough during the night when we were through tromping about she came and moved them. They're all in the shed now and she can feed them until they're big enough to be on their own.

During the work party he almost stepped on something that had a little movement and oops the tinest of tiny little birds was flopping on the ground.

He grabbed another discarded bird cage and made a little nest and I got a dishtowel to cover him with and Punkin hung it on a Pecan limb hoping momma would come at least feed her babe, but she wanted nothing to do with him. So Punkin found a few worms

and for more than a day we hand fed the pitiful little thing and the next day his eyes were open but the prognosis was not good as he was getting weaker and weaker. We woke this morning to check on him and sadly he had expired.

It all got me thinking here so close to Mother's Day that all kind of mommas need a helping hand from time to time and sometimes it makes a difference and sometimes it doesn't.


  1. So true...Mama's need a helping hand and MamaCat knew who she could trust with her kitties. Special guy and gal like YOU2. Speaking of YOU as a Special Gal with talent and generosity to this GRIT whose TexasPin has become my BlogTag. Check it out on my Pages and Bottom Gadget above where George is singing about Texas. CollectInTexas Gal has a new look, too...not as pretty as your pearls tho!

  2. Oh so sad about the little bird! Mama's do need help! Cute kittens glad their Mama was ok.

  3. I am so glad the mama kitty was still there! Poor birdies, this happens every pring. God bless you for helping them!

  4. We all need a little help from our friends. Sorry about the little one. sandie

  5. I remember trying to help a little bird once, when I was little, by hand feeding, etc. but the poor little thing died, and I was brokenhearted and cried myself to sleep. So glad the kittens were ok! Phew. suzie xxx

  6. Such sweet little kittens. Looks like little Jack we found in our barn last summer. Are going to keep them??? It only took a few days for her to get comfortable with us!!

    The scripture you commented on is from "The Message" version. It's a paraphrase by Eugene Peterson. I love reading from it.

  7. Ah, what sweet stories :-) Sorry about the bird but I'm happy abouit the kittens. Will you keep them I wonder....?!

  8. So glad the kitty story turned out happily. I had a similar experience with a baby bird. It just breaks your heart. I think the fact that we're able to get to them is a sign that things are not well with the birdie. How cruel Nature is at times. Thank you and your DH for caring for God's critters~


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