Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Time to begin thinking about a summer vacation or maybe you already have one planned. These are the Top Ten Suggested Favorite Vacation Spots in the US today!

Drive to Las Vegas, don't fly Everybody knows about Las Vegas, Nevada. The gambling, the strip, and all the entertainment is bound to produce a fun and memorable trip.

Mount Rushmore An iconic American landmark, Mount Rushmore pays tribute to four great Americans who steered the country to prosperity. Also tour the Badlands National Park.

Maine/Vermont A fall time visit to northern New England is breath-taking. Visit Acadia national park off the coast of Maine and drive through the hills of Vermont to see spectacular fall foilage. Also, eat a fresh and authentic Maine Lobster.

Door Country The Wisconson peninsula laying in Lake Michigan just north of Green Bay. Door county is a relaxing summer destination full of beauty and summer fun. If you make this trek, make sure to visit the American sports Mecca, Lambeau field.

However, nothing beats a drive through the desert, especially if you have never seen the dry climate. Along the way, visit small Native American shops and the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Situated close to Flagstaff, Arizona, the Grand Canyon National Park is the destination for over 100,00 visitors yearly. Millions of years were needed to form the amazing natural canyons.

Hawaii This top ten thing to do is harder to get to than the rest. The Hawiian Islands provide a paradise-style living. See honolulu.

California Beaches Hot beaches in southern California and cooler tree-lined beaches in the north, the beaches of California hosts surfer, locals, and tourists. Try driving all the way down the highway to experience California.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco in general is a top thing to do in the USA. The bridge is the top landmark in one of the best cities in the world

Alaska It is possible to drive to Alaska from the continental United States, but most fly during summer. See the great largely- untouched natural beauty

They all sound great don't they? As a child we made annual treks from Arkansas to upstate New York and during the 80's and until 1993 I lived in the bay area of northern California but to take an actual grown up vacation, well it just ain't happened but............Punkin Darlin and I are taking our very first vacation together this summer but our choice didn't make the list. I've always wanted to see Europe but wanted to stay in the US and from everything I've ever read this spot is as close as it gets. Sooooooooooooo we're going to Boston!


To say I'm getting excited is an understatement. We will be leaving here June 30 and will fly back on July 7, so we plan to be in the city for the 4th and 5th and there are so many great events planned for that weekend. A mere "who hoo" just does not translate to what I am feeling!

So whether you actually GO on a vacation or do what we usually do and that is to enjoy a perfectly good STAYCATION just do something different to enjoy the sunshine, and leisure days of summer and especially make the time to relax, laugh and have fun!


  1. I hope you have a great time in Boston - great time to go there. The 4th of July!

    I'm going to 3 places on your list, Las Vegas, California beaches, and the Grand Canyon this summer - with the family! I'm excited too.


  2. Hope you have a wonderful time in Boston!! We are actually thinking of taking our first vacation in many, many years this fall to Savannah, Ga. DH says he is not so sure I will willingly come back!! LOL!!

  3. Love Boston, haven't been there in many years but it is a fabulous city!

  4. grrrreat post, mollye! let's see ... of your top ten, i've seen the grand canyons, the golden gate bridge, california beaches and vegas.

    boston will be gorgeous and y'all will have a blast, especially being there on the 4th!!

    to marilyn who commented above me, savannah is my ALL-TIME favorite place to visit. i. am. in. LOVE. with savannah! it's crazy hot and humid in the summer, but the most beautiful, sultry, wonderful place in the world. it's full of ghosts too ... so be sure to take a ghost tour! :-) and spend as much time in the historic district squares as possible!

    and mollye, thanks for your most recent comment on my blog ... and your support. you crack me up!!! :-)

    terry lee

  5. Hooray for you and DP Boston will be a great place to vacation. The closest I ever got to Boston was Nantucket Island. Not seen much of the west. I know you will have a fun time where ever you go. Blessings

  6. Hi Mollye,
    You are looking extra lovely today. You have the sweetest smile.
    I hope you and Punkin Darlin have a great time in Boston. It's a big place!!

    I haven't been on a trip for so long and now I want to go somewhere. Better start making some plans and get Mr. Sissy off the couch.


  7. How exciting! I bet you can't wait. Me and the George have not been away now for almost 21/2 years... way too long! So I am getting very excited for you jsut reading this! I have been to New England years ago, just beautiful! I can just imagine you planning your trip, it makes me smile a huge smile! suzie xxxxx


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