Saturday, April 3, 2010



12 year old Justin was murdered here Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning and will be laid to rest today.

Charged in the killing is a 34 year old registered sex offender who served time twice for sex related crimes here and in Missouri and was released a man free to repeat his crimes. And he did. He tricked an innocent child through internet and cell phone messages.

He was a taxi driver and the furor here above the sheer horror of the senseless act of taking the life of an innocent child is the question and outrage of how the city could have approved this man for a permit to drive a cab and why the cab company turned its face on the criminal record of this sick perverted monster.

Gone is the life of a young boy, a good student, a treasure to be around and the pride and joy of his family who are now left with emptiness and horrible thoughts of what his last moments were like.

Prayers are with his grieving family.

A new little angel celebrates Easter with Jesus.


  1. What a terrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go to his parents and friends

  2. There are not strong enough words!!!!

  3. Color me, stunned ...and incredibly saddened. This is so poignant; thank you for touching my heart today.

  4. Oh Miz M. what a horrible story. Every day something more tragic. This past week we had a 14 year old boy shoot his 8 year old brother, just playing with a gun. There is a mother and a boyfriend. I think so parental neglect is what's going on this one. Will pray for Justin too. Blessings

  5. This is terrible, and I am so sad for the family and the little boy who left this world - in fear.
    One thing though: I believe in second chances, and I applaud those in society who give jobs to the (supposed reformed who have done their time) I wouldn't throw the taxi company under the bus - but I WOULD throw the criminal justice system under it AND run back and forth over them . I say this BECAUSE i Know all too well that they are none too concerned with assessing offenders for aftercare after when they leave the system to return to the unsuspecting society.
    They are the real bad guys, their only concern is the calendar.
    Love Lori

  6. Mollye,
    I'm so sorry to hear about this tragic crime on a little child. It's just horrid the way these offenders are turned back out into society to kill.


  7. That is such a horrible loss. Will be praying for his loved ones. I can only imagine what they are going through. If only this would have been prevented. Blessings to you and your family this Easter.

  8. Hi Mollye,

    I have nomiated you for an award my friend you may pick it up at my blog but you don't have to follow the rules/instructions of you don't want to.

    Happy Easter,


  9. Oh my goodness - I just hate that - that is so sad. I pray for that poor family. I am so sorry.

    Have a blessed Easter,

  10. Why do they let these people out????? WHY????
    This is soooo wrong! I am sure this family will never be the same again..I know this sounds vengeful, and I shouldn't feel this way ( but I do!)but they need to let this animal out in the regular population of the prison, they will mete out the justice he deserves....
    I am so saddened by this....

  11. How sad. I will pray about this.


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