Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Ok.........I think I'm about there. What do you think so far? As you see I am moving my blog in a little different direction. I want a more "grown-up" and simple look without my usual fluff.

I also want to feature new recipes, tutorials on craft projects, photography images, poetry, featuring other bloggers more, and some general "old woman wisdom" I've learned through the years.

Now on Monday I will have a Grand Giveaway to celebrate my new look and format so 'yall come on back.


  1. Before I even read your post, I saw your blog makeover and said "WOW." Love it! I will love any direction you take your blog. It's always an interesting read.

  2. I am so happy for you! I know you love the art and creative part! I got a surprise from you today! Thank you so much! I love my little decorated box and the cards but the wonderful pink ornament is my favorite...oh yes it's pink and says cutie on it!! I love it all. I will take photos and blog about it. I'm going to show off all my presents and cards I get. Yours is the first! Thank you!!


  3. Hi, Mollye! Thank you for visiting my blog. I will look forward to reading yours regularly. (I don't know what the old blog looked like, but the new look is great!

    Another Mary Gregory, huh? There's one in the town I live in, too. I guess your sister-in-law knows about the glass. I've always thought I'd collect it, but I don't own a single piece.

  4. Looking great!! Love your new blog look!

  5. Oh Mollye it's B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ~
    I love reading your blog and you've
    become my #1 sissta blogger :D

  6. Mollye I like it - I took off the side bar decorations too - just for a change. sandie

  7. Looking good, Mollye.

    I still need to get you some swap stuff - sorry. I totally let it slip through the cracks

  8. Your blog has Always rocked, as far as I'm concerned! I'm looking forward to this new style blog, but have to say, you have never, ever, bored me, dear sista blogger!

    PS Sorry to have given you a shock the other day. It had gotten wearisome, hearing so many "Happy Memorial Day!" greetings. I wanted to focus more on a deeper meaning. I truly hope I didn't go a step too far.


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