Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I went Saturday to Hancock's and was pleasantly surprised to see all the .99 cent remnants. Just take a lookey look at the great little bundles of sweetness.

Can't you imagine the endless possibilities with this sweet white organza with the tiny pink bows and an oh so sweet little pearl bead in the center.And the softest of soft white lace; just wish there were oodles more of this stuff.

How about this large piece of fabric with the dragaonfly wings. I can see it on a journal.

Burlap..........always a need for some good burlap.

But the thing I'm lovin is this panel ........ I know you've seen these things where the project is printed and you just snip and sew. Well this is a book. A cloth book of prayers to be perhaps as a great baby gift or a gift for a wee tot just beginning to learn her prayers. Oh I am gonna have fun here. I cut it out yesterday and will show you when I finish it.

And lookey look at the ribbons. As my Mom used to say "heavens save us miz davis," have you ever seen so many that came from three little baggies. Yep .99 each.

But You remember the white satin pearls I am making for my Boston trip? Well I have been working on them and already have 24 made of which I only needed 82. So I'll get it in gear on that one soon. Buuuuuuut I wanted something else to accessorize with the pearls and I've seen these cute lacy hats popping up everywhere so decided to try my hand at an original mizmollye version.

I started with this at 5.00 from Walgreen

and after much hot glue ended up with this.

Already had the glue sticks and the lace so not a bad investment and I sewed little combs on the insides so it can stay on better.

I want to wear them with this dress and jacket.

Whatcha think?


  1. Love it Mollye! We are getting our outfits sorted aren't we! We are the makeover girls! It is a very satisfying feeling taking something and giving it a new lease of life. Love all of your fabrics too. Have a jolly week! Suzie xxxxx

  2. Too cute! You could sell these but I can't imagine giving up any of your unique creations! Glad you enjoyed the post that my husband did on the Confederate Cemetery here, wasn't it interesting? It was his first time to write the blog...I've been pestering him to do one! He loves history so was the perfect post! Come join us on Facebook...!/group.php?gid=120946234607968&ref=ts

  3. What wonderful treasures you came across at Hancocks. I wish we lived closer to one. Your hat is just darling.

  4. Woo Hoo MizMollye!!

    You will be the real "IT" girl in your new hat and wonderful Red Dress!!!

    What lovely things you found at Hancocks!!
    I do love the organza, sooo pretty!!!

    I wanted to tell you thank you for coming to visit me and for your kind words all the time!!

    Love ya!!


  5. Oh, goodness. Loving that panel right along with you!

    And I adore what you did with the hat! Wish I could wear hats, but very, very few of them look good on me. I must not have a good hat face, lol.

    Hmmm. You're inspiring me to go take pictures of the boxes of lace filling the back of my car. I am not kidding.

  6. That white hat with that red dress will look awesome! sandie

  7. I love that white hat! It looks wonderful. Pretty red dress and you will be a hit where ever you go! Such good bits of ribbons and lace!

  8. The hat is smashing. Such a wonderful idea. I love it and I think it will look gorgeous with your red dress.

  9. I love are going to look just beautiful.....


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