Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ATC'S - my first love

Sometimes things happen and you twist off from one area into another and I had begun to do this with my artwork. I had gotten more involved with working with metals, altering, sewing and all sorts of things I love and of course with blogging which I hope I never twist off from!

Then one of my "new" blogging sisters, Debbie was just starting a new journey in the field of ATC's and she was so enthused that she started with another blogger pal named Wendy a monthly swapping group called Blissful ATC's. Now their little group has grown and they have their own badge which you will find at the right on my sidebar.

July was our first month to swap cards and I am finally getting around to posting mine. I guess I need one of those old favorites "a round tuit". Remember those?

The theme for July was "Sisters" and this is the card I made for my partner Debbie.

My card was created from chalks, inks, shoe polish, beeswax, stamping, cut-out images, cut-out captions and Diamond Glaze.

And this is the card Debbie made for me

She has not listed the elements she used in her creation but it is a beautiful toille image of blue over white background with Sisters stamped on and a little red stitched silk heart. I love it!

So if any of you are wanting to make these little ATC's or like me drifted away from them and want to get back in on some fun, visit Blissful ATC's and join in. The themes for each month have already been posted and for August the theme is "Orange".
So "orange" you glad you read this post:)Now go and say "hi" to Debbie and Wendy and sign up for some swapping!

Love you all, mizmollye


  1. Love of ATC's huh? Yours is beautiful and thanks for the Blissful ATC's. I am for sure going there right now.

  2. Mollye, your talents are so diverse and amazing!!

  3. I have admired ATC's & tags but I have never gotten "into" them. I guess I am a needlework girl!! You have so many talents!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  4. Girl, you are SO talented. I love to see what you make. AWESOME!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Thank Mollye for the write up and sharing your talent with us. I can't wait until you are swapping with me, I know the ATC you send will be wonderful.
    Hugs Wendy

  6. Good Goll Miss Mollye (couldn't resist!)...

    That ATC of yours is beautiful. One talented lady is sitting in our midst.

    Hope you are doing well. Thinking of you this day~


  7. I love it Mollye, it is gorgeous! By the way, I haven't forgotten about your award, but I may not be posting this week either. We are so in a mess here with the kitchen being done, and when I say mess, I mean a big mess! Love to you. Susie xxxxx

  8. Your very talented, you did an excellent job.

  9. I Mollye! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello today. I have missed seeing you. I have been blog hopping and trying to get around to see everyone. Sometimes, I just stop by and see what's happening and don't always leave a comment.
    I'm glad to see that you are doing ok.
    I love your artpiece, is so pretty and poignant.


  10. Hey Girlie,
    Yes my sister @ heart! Glad you liked your ATC I have yours in a small frame in my workroom. Thanks for the post and encouraging others to join us.

  11. your card is divine, mollye! love the symbolism and creativity! you GO girl!

    terry lee

  12. Miz.M. I am so tempted to join in the ATC, which I don't even know what it means, but I am doing plenty to keep me busy. Yours and your partner's are beautiful. I just enjoyed reading your previous post and what a great idea to tell us about your son. A great story and pictures. Love ya girl.

  13. Okay - guess I am a little slow - what does ATC stand for? They are pretyy though.


  14. I love all the techniques you combined to create your ATC! I've never been involved in any kind of ATC swap before so I am really enjoying this! Fun to visit all the blogs of those who are participating, so inspiring.

  15. the first art I made were Atc's...I have a collection of mine and others...I probably have about 500....they are fun.
    I see your pain in that atc though, i gotta tell mate died suddenly two years ago and I can look back and see it in the art will help you heal and that is a good thing...still praying for you!


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