Friday, July 16, 2010


Thank you Debbie from I Am Simply Debbie for the sweet little award. Debbie has helped me so much by talking to me about her daughter, Amy who lives in Heaven and I feel such peace in knowing Jake and Amy are watching over us. As I told Debbie and as she had also written about, I used to post the awards and then stopped accepting them and posted a No Award Zone Blog and then I got to very huffy and arrogant of me that someone could think so much of me to present me with something special and I'm TOO BUSY OR TOO IMPORTANT to take the time and valuable space on my blog to post it!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha who am I kidding. So I am delighted when someone gives me an award and will proudly post about it. You've shown me this past month that there is simply nothing in life more valuable than the love of family and friends. And my friends without you I would not have made it. So thank you Debbie and I'd like to pass this little award on to the following although all of you know how much you mean to me and I have told you all that you have a sweet blog haven't I? But rules are rules!!!

Suzie at Itch2Stitch
Anne at Annesphamily
Becky at Writer Gal
Dottie at It's Just Dottie
Deborah at Debs Vintage Soul

And if any of you do not post the awards that is ok with me too. I only speak for myself and do not judge your reasons if you've decided to be award free! Love you all


  1. Good morning dear friend. I agree with you about the awards. I did the same thing and decided it is not good manners to turn down a gift that someone wants to give. I am always happy go receive one. I have one from Debbie too. I am so glad the two of you hooked up you are both WOW and strong and inspiring. Blessings

  2. Thank you, dear Mollye! I happily accept this most prestigious award! Hugs! :)

  3. Congrats on the award. I like your new blog banner, too.

    I was reading yesterday's post, since I didn't make it by, and it is hot here, too. Hope you got your AC fixed. I thought you were the one who liked the heat. Give me the cold any day. This heat is kicking me in my . . . art.

  4. I've met Debbie in person and had the privilege of meeting Miss Amy about a year ago before she went to heaven. Precious young woman with an awesome Momma.

    Blessings to you Miss Mollye. Thinking of you this summer day~

    Love, Rebecca

  5. Thank you Miss Mollye for the sweet award. I feel so special.Remember God is faithful and He will not leave you.

  6. Awhhhh! Thank you so much Mollye, I am so happy that you have given me this award, so sweet of you! I shall definitely post it on my next blog post, as soon as I come back from my house improvement break! Maybe next Friday, it time allows, but I will be proud to put your wonderful award onto my blog with pride of place. You have been on my mind much, even though I have not been around, you are always occupying my thoughts, and I couldn't think of a lovelier person to be filling them! Big hugs! Suie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Congrats on your Mollye....Debbie is such a sweetie.
    I hope you are your family are doing well and wish you a good weekend.....:-) Hugs

  8. Sorry, my fingers went faster than my brain, I know you realize I mean congrats on your award, xo

  9. You know Mollye I am the same as everyone else - I am a blog free award free blog - yet how can one turn down a gift - so I do them anyway.

    And no one deserves it more then you and Debbie - you are both wonderful!




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