Saturday, July 24, 2010


I told you yesterday that Friday was gonna be a play day with Luke and play we did!

Here's the big guy in his own chair waiting for the action to begin

And this is what he calls his "boat" and you can see he is getting ready to do a little water gun shooting

And he decided he liked shooting us with water guns but he didn't like being on the receiving end. He said "don't tickle me, let me tickle you"

Here's Shari (my youngest daughter) who is his grandmother and she is known to her grandchildren as "Grandlady" but Luke hasn't quite mastered the lingo and he calls her his "bay yay" and she was trying to get him to know how to play water guns and when you shoot someone with your water they get to shoot you back and he wasn't having any of that

And here is Luke showing me how to fish from his boat.Whoever is pulling the raft has to make the motor sound for it ya know. He and all the grands call me "Mammy". So he's saying "do the motor Mammy"

Shari's daughter Emily stopped by for lunch but was dressed for work and couldn't play in the pool. I'm real proud of Em. She will be taking her clinicals to become an RN like her momma this fall and for the summer she is a valet for one of the casinos. She also rocked our little punkin to sleep while we all caught up with the happenings in Genoa City. You know with the Newman and Abbot clan. Whaaaaaaaaat.....You don't watch Young and Restless????? Oh my do you have any idea just what you've been missing???

I gotta tell you girls, a day of fun in the pool, some "skeddies" for lunch, a freezer pop, a quick nappie while Mammy and Bay Yay watched their soap and then a shopping trip to Target. Yay. A great day and I feel blessed beyond belief.

Punkin and I are going to the flea market today so I hope to show you some fabby fleas or other stuff we bring back! :)

Love you all, mizmollye and punkin too!


  1. What a fun day! Wait till Luke is a little older and has a super shooter! Oh, the drenching you'll get. I love that your grands call you Mammy. Had my paternal grandmother still been living when I was young I would have called her Ma'am. That's what her kids and grands called her. My grandfather was known as Pap or Pappy.

  2. There is no way Shari is a grandmother! I don't know what kind of face cream you girls use but I am buying enough to jump into it. Really, Mollye you girls should do some kind of cosmetics commercial. That sweet little one how much fun you must have had. He is at such a fun age.

  3. Hey Mollye! What a wonderful day! I agree with Mosaic Magpie, girls all are beautiful and so young looking!! And yes, I kind of hate to admit, but I watch Y&R, too! I remember you mentioned that before, right around the time I first found you and your lovely blog. You know how you talk about feeling blessed? Well, I feel blessed because YOU came into MY life....via Blogs! Have a blissful day!

  4. What a fun, fun, day!!! Emily reminds me of a picture I have of my oldest daughter. She was in high school and I caught her in uniform, on her way to her job at Taco Bell. She had the same "aw mom" expression on her face. So SWEET!!

  5. What a fun day you had, looks very refreshing!

  6. Oh you guys look like you had perfect fun filled day!
    Luke is a cutie! He looks like a little biker in this photo
    Have a great weeekend!!
    God BLess You

  7. Oh that looks so fun and refreshing. Is that your pool? Looked wonderful. sandie

  8. I just love Mosaic Magpie Debbie to pieces. We did have a really fun day. I love ya momma. Thanks for turning me on to your face cream LOL

    Your baby girl Shari


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