Friday, July 2, 2010


We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Yep that's right. I call it vacation woes, but honey it ain't nothin but a thang. We had as many of you know a prepaid and preplanned one in a lifetime vacation in Boston for the week of July 4th, and with the recent tragic death of our son, we decided to cancel the trip. OK

So we decided upon the strong urging of our girls to take a "short" trip since Punkin already had the time off and the girls just really thought it would do us so good to get away for a few days. Right? Right.

And daughter Lori came over all ready to house sit for a week and feed the critters. Bless her heart.

Soooooooo as I said we left Wednesday morning planning to stay a week or so being hometown tourists in south Louisiana since we are "northerners" from the northwest corner of Louisiana. Right? Right.

Soooooooo off we went and about an hour into the trip the bottom of the sky fell out and buckets, no not buckets but the entire sky rained and poured, thundered and lightened. The wind blew cause as you know a hurricane named Alex was in the making and wrecking havoc on the entire gulf coast.

Sooooooooo our plans had been to spend the first two days at the beach in and around Port Arthur, TX and the Cameron, LA area. Ha Ha Ha. Nature had other plans. So we drove the coast line looking out the windows and could not even get out to put our toes in the sand. In fact the roads were deserted because the locals were seeking higher ground and had already deserted the island!

We went on over to Crowley, LA just east of Lake Charles and spent the night and had a great room

and dried out. And woke to sunshine the next morning so we thought "oh goodie, our trip is on". We toured the St. Joseph Cemetery which is in Ripley's Believe It Or Not as the ONLY cemetery known to be facing north and south. It is also the oldest cemetery in our state. So we took a few pictures

and poked around until killer mosquitoes almost vampired us senseless and we left or as they say around here "cut a shuck".

Next we toured Rayne, LA which is the Frog capital and of course nothing was going on anywhere we could find. But I did get a cute picture of Punkin at the Civic Center.

Then it was off to Lafayette and they have an awesome downtown area with...guess what? SHOPPING. And still no rain, so Punkin being the more than good sport with his mizmollye missus accompanied me into all the girly girl shops and the mardi gras costume shops

and yep even the gift shops where we bought the kids a little souvenir and he never once complained. I'm just saying there were no Sporting Good stores or Hardware stores or Tractor parts places. Everywhere we went were laces, purses, panties, ribbons, buttons, china, and lots and lots of bling-bling and frou-frou.

But rain or no rain, we HAD to tour Longfellow's Evangeline and yep you guessed it we did not get to go in for the rain. But we enjoyed what we did get to see.

Sooooooooooo we stopped at a little place to grab a bite and when we left there, the rain was baaaaaaaaaaack! So we hightailed it back to our borrowed ride, ya know "Mis Tang", Shari's bright red Mustang...Bless her heart.

and we left Lafayette much wetter and a little broker. At that point we came to the same conclusion that the rain was in Louisiana to stay and that it made absolutely no sense. I'm saying NO SENSE to continue driving and looking through rain to see nothing and buying more gas, and more food and paying for more hotel rooms all in the name of TRYING to have a little fun.

So we got back home at 6 pm last night and guess what? It ain't rained a drop all day here!

I re-packed our bags and in the morning we're gonna try this again but we decided to stay closer to home. We're going about 65 miles south to Natchitoches, LA and tour the Cane River Plantations, and Melrose and some arty stuff in Natchitoches and JUST IN CASE we decide to stay a night over, we're good to go with our next day duds!

If the rain holds off.....I'll try to have some awesome pictures for you next week!

Sothere are no "woe is me" from this camp cause like I said, "Honey, it ain't nothin but a thang"

Luv ya all bunches, mizmollye and punkin darlin


  1. Miz Mollye I hope you get a day with sunshine!

  2. Miz Mollye I hope you get enough fair weather to have some wonderful times. Have fun!

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  3. I am so glad you had some special time away. You've been through so much and needed this time. Still praying.

    Mollye...would you like to join us in a recipe exchange? If you think it sounds like fun email me some recipes and spread the word. I hope you'll join us.

  4. glad you squeezed in some fun. Hope this weekend is a good one!

  5. You guys sound like us. We have driven 13 hours to the beach, had it rain a couple of days and turn around and drive back home. There is just something about being away from home with it raining that makes you go stir crazy. Hope the next leg of the trip is not as damp!

  6. Maybe it was a bit too soon to go on vacation. It takes time to heal. sandie

  7. Hi Mollye! I'm sorry the rain didn't stay away, but I'm glad for the fun and shopping you DID have! Hope the next leg of the trip is sunnier!!

  8. What an adventure. You sure are good sports.

  9. I get the idea you and PD would enjoy life wherever or however it comes packaged. You are so upbeat and full of fun. Love ya.

  10. My uncle lived in Lafayette years ago. I always loved it when we would go visit him. The cemetaries in Louisiana have always fascinated me. That and the Spanish moss hanging from so many of the trees. I've been to Evangeline's grave and to her lost love's home. Hope your 2nd vacation attempt is better than the first although the shopping sounded really fun to me!

  11. OH I so hope there is no rain and you get to have a little fun this time. Hugs, Marty

  12. I hope your trip is a blessing and rewarding, in spite of the rain. I love all those places in So. Louisanna and now that I live in the far north country (Michigan) I miss those days. Still sending up prayers for you and your family. Have a blessed Pink Sat. and a wonderful 4th.

  13. I wanted to stop by and say hi and thanks for the visit to my little cottage. I am late with this comment because I had family over last week. I am caught up and wanted to check out a few sister sorority blogs before I went out and enjoyed this beautiful weekend.

  14. I wondered how ya'll were getting along. One look at the weather radar kinda gave me an idea!

  15. Hi Mollye,
    Well it looks as though you did get some shoppin in and that's a good thang!

    Glad you are trying it again.


  16. That-a gal ... climb right back up that 'tang and seize your right share of the sun!
    Lookin' forward to seeing more photos!

  17. So very sorry to hear you got chased by weather. And, it's also too bad you didn't go to Boston. The weather there would have been better. Hope your 4th is wonderful.

  18. I am glad you are safe and dry for now! I like your attitude and you deserve some sunshine with a huge rainbow! God Bless You! Anne

  19. Okay, lets hope this second try works out for you.
    Stay safe but have fun!!

  20. Hey Mollye, your Punkin and My dogpaw are made from the same thread, love those tractor and hardware stores..sounds like you had fun shopping and those shops are so neat..I loved shopping in NOLA when we were there for a few days in April.

    The cemeteries fascinate me and we are determined to come back to Louisina sometime do more sightseeing.

    Hope you have fun on your extended travels girl.


  21. Oh, my. This puts me in mind of our rafting trip down the "River of No Return" in norther Idaho. We left home with the temps in the 100's both at home and on the river. By the time we got there, it had clouded over, and we proceeded to spend a week in the rain, with temps in the low to mid-60's, and nothing but summer clothing in our bags! No way out but down the river, either.

    Still it was memorable!

    Hope your second trip was sunnier! Happy Fourth, and love, Anitra

  22. You were 15 minutes away from me and you didn't call me?
    Did you not see the Crowley/Eunice exit?
    I'm mad...


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