Monday, November 15, 2010

AND THE WINNER IS..............

Ok I know I'm cheating a bit as this is the 386th post and I am a little short of my goal of 400. But Yikes.................I want to get this pressie out before Thanksgiving as that is the reason for this Basket of Blessings.

When Jake died, I began hearing from so many of you my regular buddies and so many new ones too and you were placed in my life by God as He knew I needed lots of earthly angels to lift me up and support me during those dark, scary and oh so tragically sad days, and you did and I will be eternally grateful for you and I wanted to do something special for one of you who was randomly drawn by my daughter Lori, who is NOT a blogger. I only wish I could send each of you a beautiful basket of surprises. Though I cannot do this I none the less send each of you my love and gratitude.

I will get your basket in the mail so you will receive it before Thanksgiving. WOW it is right around the corner so I better get busy filling it.

Love you all and I hope you know you are ALL a Blessing to me.

The Winner is...............................BERNIE so pop in to visit this special lady and tell her Congrats!

Bernie was so inspiring to me when Jake died as she too had lost a son and she just celebrated a milestone of his death and she has such faith that I am always encouraged so woweee I am happy to be able to surprise this lovely friend!


  1. How nice! Congrats to her and thanks Mollye for the fun.

  2. Oh Miz M. Bernie is the perfect winner, congrats to her. How thoughtful and loving of you. Of course. The Miz Mollye of Kindness.

  3. Congratulations, Bernie! And congrats to you, Miz Mollye on reaching 386 posts!! Time to celebrate! God bless!

  4. Oh Mollye, thank you so much. All of your friends are deserving and I am happy to say most of them are mine as well.

    I am so pleased to win your gift, sending big hugs from Canada......:-) Hugs

  5. yea for bernie!! congrats to you, girl!! blessings to you and to your sweet benefactor, our precious mizmollye!!


  6. Congrats to Bernie! But you know what, Sweet Mizz Mollye?? All of us who know you, either in person or from blogs, are WINNERS, just because YOU ARE IN OUR LIVES!! Hugs to you!! :)

  7. Congratulations to Bernie! Sounds like the Angels had a little something to do with her winning:) I am so happy she won! Love you!


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