Saturday, November 27, 2010


WOW Has this year flown by or what? Here we are almost in full swing of the hustle bustle Christmas preparations. And before you know it we'll be in a new year. I tell you sisters, tempest fugate.

My heart just is not into decorating the house this year, but that's ok because I'm not scrooging Christmas. Just the decorations. Our family has some very sweet events planned for the holidays and I'll be sharing with you as they occur, however my heart was very much into decorating Jake's gravesite so it would be elegant and speak of "the season" for which we celebrate.

So Lori and I went down this morning and had a fine time sprucing up Jake's little corner along with Mike's Mom, Dad and his two sisters gravesites and we even doozied up the Gazebo in the center of the cemetery with a little greenery! Tra la la la la.

We opted for simplicity here with the one large poinsettia and greenery with berries and pine cones and a sweet little cardinal perching on a branch.

Showing back of the headstone with a peek at something special Lori did.

See the fence line. We were fortunate to get the spot for Jake in the newer and less developed area of the cemetery and therefore he has a shady corner. We have a small black wrought iron bench we're taking next time we visit. Isn't the fenceline pretty with the greenery, splashes of red and all the little birds looking as if they're singing Christmas Carols!

Happy Weekend everyone, and I can't wait to see all your decorations.

Love ya, Mollye and Punkin


  1. It looks lovely, Molley! Love the decoration on the fence!

    Sometimes, you just have to start where you feel like starting.;)

  2. I don't decorate for Christmas anymore, sugar, so don't worry about it for this year. It's been a tough year for you. We just keep the Spirit of the season. No shopping for us either, just try to keep a handle on the spirit.

  3. You did a great job. Yes this time is hard on us that have lost a child. It's my first Christmas without Chris too. My heart goes out to you, because I can say I really know the pain you feel. I am hoping to be well enough to go to a candle light service for parents of lost children on December the 9th. It will only be 6 days post op, but my sister in law will take me if I'm up to going. You are very strong.

  4. my dear sweet friend
    you know JAKE is smiling down
    and approves of all the holiday
    love that you have shared

    you are one of the strongest women i know
    not to mention one of the sweetest~


  5. Really lovely! Jake is smiling down on you I'm sure.

  6. This is just one way we can express our love and respect for Jake, and I know he would be pleased and tickled to see you there making such a fuss over him. Above this though; I think he is probably amazed and proud of you for your strength and the spiritual muscles you have grown in the last 5 months. Love you momma, Lori

  7. Beautiful... Mollye! I always decorate my Mom and Dad's place at the cemetery too! Just makes me feel better! They get something pretty for EVERY Holiday! Jake is smiling down at you and Lori for making it beautiful! BIG HUGS to you my friend and continued prayers for your entire family this season!

  8. It looks wonderful. I know the holidays can be hard. I always miss my little guy and oh my husband so much but I always think about how wonderful it must be to celebrate Christmas with the angels and Oh Gosh! with Jesus !

  9. What a beautiful job your wonderful family did. Nice idea to do the fence. Spruce up the place for all visitors. I know Jake is watching and loving all the Joy to Jesus things that you all are doing.

  10. I know Jake must be smiling down at the decorations you all put up for him. I'm sure it will be smiles to other visitors of the cemetary.

  11. How pretty Mollye. You are so sweet to do this. Jake is smiling on you for sure.
    Big Hugs

  12. I love it and I can just imagine how lovely it will be with a little bench to sit on and spend some time.

  13. Wishing you beautiful memories this holiday season my sweet friend!



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