Monday, November 8, 2010


Yes my patient and long suffering sisters who read my bloggy for news other than yet another birthday! Tis true. My oldest son Lance who has always gone by Buddy is having his 43rd Birthday today!

He is in Mobile where he and his wife Jessica and her three youngins live. So we will celebrate with him today through cyberspace and by phone.

Also I must tell you that this is Post #383 so in just 16 more or before I will finally reach my 400th post and Yay I can send that pressie out to someone! And no the next 16 will not be about family birthdays LOL

OK a bit about Buddy............He came into the world on Nov. 8, 1967 and was received by Momma, Daddy, sisters Lori and Shari and a host of grandparents.

We were living in Baytown, TX as his father was employed at NASA in Houston. Shortly after he was born, we came back to Shreveport and Buddy lived here all his life until he went into the army.

He re-enlisted and got to see many parts of the world. After his second hitch was up he moved to the San Franciso Bay Area and married.

The bike he built while living in California

They divorced after about nine years and he came back to Louisiana.

Playing softball with his team from work.

Some time went by and he and Jessica met and they married and he went to live in her home town of Mobile, AL.

When Buddy brought Jessica home to meet us for the first time.

His father wanted to name him so he was named Lance Albert after his father's Dad and favorite Uncle. I told him it didn't matter a hoot what he was named as he would always be my Buddy, so from the moment he drew his first breathe, he was "Buddy".

Taken a few years ago at the Sunflower Tour close to where we lived when he was little. He was a little tired of me telling him to "Smile". So he did! LOL

He and I shared a special relationship and spent many happy years as he grew up doing the simple things small town people do. We would load up a fishing boat into the back of our pick-up and head for the lake and spend hours catching bream and crappie (white pearch if you're from Louisiana).

Buddy was the "little brother" of Lori and Shari and therefore did not share the same kind of relationship he shared with Jake as he was the "big" brother and Jake looked up to him as protector.

Buddy and Jake with Jake's dog, Bugsie taken in 1996.

He grew to be the tallest in the family and he has the tenderest of hearts to match.

Never too big to clown around!

Happy Birthday Buddy, I love you!


  1. Well at least you're consisitant:) Happy Birthday Buddy! We call our Adam "Budman or Bud" not sure why? But he will always be my Budman.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. A very happy birthday to Buddy! I hope the next year is filled with God's blessings for him and his family. I know you are proud of the man he has become Mollye.

  3. happy birthday, buddy! God bless you now and always.

  4. Happy Birthday Buddy! What a handsome, sweet and caring young Man... that is what you are! I see that thru your Mother's eyes and from reading your writings!

    Have a most blessed day my friend! HUGS!

  5. Happy Birthday to Buddy. I know you love him as it is just shining in your eyes. I will pop over and say hi to him. Love you gal.

  6. Happy Birthday to Buddy! Mollye, your love for your family shines right both your words and your photos!

  7. Happy Birthday to Buddy! It was a pleasure getting to know a bit about you.

  8. What a sweet post, Mollye, and I hope that Buddy had a wonderfully Happy Birthday!


    Sheila :-)

  9. Happy Birthday to Buddy! (A day late. =oP)

    I love the last photo, and have to say that in some of them I can sure see my Miz Mollye!

  10. Happy belated birthday to your wonderful Buddy! Susie xxxxxx

  11. Happy Birthday to Buddy! I wish him a beautiful year full of wonderful new adventures. I am truly blessed to call Miz Mollye my friend/sis and love hearing about the family! Anne


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