Monday, November 22, 2010


Oh Sisters This was a Fun Swap. Thank you to Parsley our charming hostess for a fun swap and wonderful way to meet someone new. She has the links up on her blog today so we can all go by and link to everyone who participated in the Swap.

We had our choice of Fall or Winter Theme and I got the name of a gal who loved Winter and the gal who got me found out that I also loved Winter, so it was really festive and fun shopping for just the right thing.

I sent a box of assorted Winter themed goodies to Cat. So be sure to pop in to visit her and you can see what I sent her. Sure hoped she liked her gifts.

The sweet sister who got my name was Cheryl and she "knocked my socks off" with her gifties. Oh and what a sweet person she is. I am so glad I got the opportunity of meeting her. She is a homeschool mom from Oklahoma and has a virtual barnyard of critters. Above all she is a Christian woman with high morals, lots of love and a wonderful personality and very crafty too! Please go by to meet Cheryl.

I began by opening the box and as you can see everything was individually wrapped and she probably heard me squealing for delight like a little girl! Pretty, pretty!

Then I opened an envelope and found a Beautiful Christmas Card with a 2-page letter inside. Wheeeeeeeeeee. Not too many people still take time to write so this was extra special. Well this lovely lady commented on my bloggy and expressed her love and sympathy for the loss of Jake telling me she had even read all of "Jake's Story" which caused a lump in my throat. Then she outlined every single element of things she had included in my box and I loved that. I almost didn't want to open the packages until Christmas since I already knew what was in them. That way the excitement could really build, but I knew we were to post them today for everyone else so I had no choice!!!!!!!!! Here Goes. Ready......Set..........GO

A Hand poured Vanilla Palm Oil Candle by Cheryl and I would not be surprised if you could smell it via cyberland because the scent is absolutley breathtaking. Oh and the little jar is awesome. I hurriedly closed it back up because I want to save every single bit of scent for Christmas. Told you she was waaaaaaaay crafty!

Next up is a little vintage Christmas Tea Towel with a crocheted hanger top and Cheryl had bought it from a sweet little 90 year old lady at a craft bazaar. This will never dry off dishes or pots and pans. For Lookin Only! Year after year.

And Cheryl went on to tell me how much she loved the smells of Pumpkin Bread baking on a cold winter morning and that a big slice of Pumpkin Bread with a steaming cup of coffee is about the only thing that can shake her out of a warm cozy bed, and so she sent a box of Pumpkin Bread fixings along with a beautiful little serving tray.

Oh c'mon old man winter. I can't wait to bake my bread. That will be a special treat for Punkin Darlin and I. Hey I just realized I'm married to Punkin and talking about baking Punkin Bread. Have Mercy!

And last but certainly not least was a Needlepoint Stocking filled to the brim with little special gifties. And the important thing here is that Cheryl got to "know" about me from reading my blog and chose the gifts for a special meaning to me.

A Butterfly symbolic of New Life and our family is expecting a new little life in April with a little great-granddaughter!

A Bird and not just any old bird but a Red Sparkly Bird because Red is my fave color and I have a bird on my blog header.

A Present because Every day is a Gift from God. Yes it surely is. A Sparkly Gift!

A Gorgeous Cross because without the Cross we would have no Christmas. Or no life. Or no Blessings. Our Savior went to the Cross for each of us and we will meet him there when our spiritual life begins

And the last little ornament I pulled out of my stocking was this Beautiful little Picture Frame for Jake's picture. Because Cheryl knows that Jake is always on my mind and this being the first Christmas without him I can rejoice in seeing his smiling face looking on all of us from our Christmas Tree.

Thank you so much Cheryl. You touched my heart more than you can know and I am so glad to know you.

Love you all, Mollye


  1. Oh Mollye...I have tears in my eyes. I'm so glad you joined in the swap and that God used Cheryl to bless you. She's a wonderful lady with a heart for the Lord and I'm glad this swap connected you.

    Don't be a stranger now that the swap is over. ;-)

    Sending love and prayers of peace this holiday.

    Thanks for joining the swap!

  2. Oh, what fun! I loved seeing all of these goodies, and I can't think of anyone who deserves them more.


    Sheila :-)

  3. Mollye, you are too kind! I have to say, I loved shopping for you. Glad some of the items were a "homerun"! You deserve even more.

    (My dd's thought my letter was "sappy". That's okay, I'm an old sap! LOL)

    May this Christmas bring blessings to you and your family!


  4. Awww...what a sweet swap. So glad that you received some lovely gifts and a new friend too!


  5. Mollye I'd say Cheryl did know much about you...and am so happy everything she sent had such significant meaning. We all love you so much sweetie, and my hope is your Christmas conforts you in a most special way for your Jake is there with our Lord...(((gentle hugs)))

  6. She knocked my socks off too! WOW, all of that sweetness wrapped up in one box! Enjoy it all and especially that ornament! Can't wait to see it on your tree! Big Hugs dear friend!

  7. Wow!! Its great that your swap partner took the time to get to know you and get just the perfect gifts!! This has been a great chance to put a sparkle in someone's day!!

  8. You so deserve these gifts and all the joy each one well my friend....:-)Hugs

  9. Hello sweet Mollye, Oh what a treasured new friend you have in Cheryl, what lovelies she sent to you! I so enjoyed seeing what you were gifted with!

    hugs and love

  10. You sure lucked out young lady - you received a lot of wonderful things and I am so happy for you!


  11. You are well loved girl! I always tell you that! CHeryl is a dear heat. What a special friend she is. I am waiting for my Hannah to get home so I can put pics up of my swap goodies. They arrived today because, is a long story with the move and address change and such! But I was tickled pink by Barb's gracious gifts. Soon as I can, I will put my pics up. Anne


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