Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Very First Post on Blogspot...whoo hoo. Oh gosh I'm so tired of editing. I am trying to move from my former home Shezadoozey here to Blogspot and it is taking it's toll on me trying to navigate a new website!!!! poor me. I just picked up a free banner from the nice folks over at Banners of Blessings and it doesn't seem to fit. I also love the banners Happy does and had requested her help but told her to let it go for now. I've just got to find my way around here first before I begin to stress over the banner for goodness sake.
Like truly a move, and instead of finding where the bathroom and the bedrooms are, I'm trying to find the right curtains first! Now if that ain't a little compulsive and just not quite right I don't know what is.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo for now I may go watch taped tv shows since we're having a hellacious storm and can't get local tv to see how much under the gun we actually are here! Maybe when my head clears I'll get back here and post some pics of the new little crocheted dainty wee bags I made yesterday. Yep they're cuties for sure. ta-ta


  1. Ok, here I am..I love your banner..and look how darn CUTE you are girl..

    Glad you're in Blog land again..
    love ya

  2. I love your new digs sweetie...and I too love that new photo of you...I know you will be happy here Mollye...(((hugs)))


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