Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't you dare throw away those old scratched up CD's and DVD's. Do like we do with everything else under the sun. Make some art! Now I kinda like the looks of these but I don't have the foggiest idea of what I will do with them.

I have them on these little stands used for photos or business cards...but soooooooooo? What can I actually do with them!

They're just too darn BIG for pendants. (Ya think?) But what if I took my Dremel and made some holes in the left side and made a journal/book from them? That would work wouldn't it and of course I'd have to do the flip sides of each one, but hey I think I'm on to something here.

I know it's been done before. Yea well so has just about everything under the sun been done before one way or another. And I love to give credit for my creations, whenever I can actually remember where I saw something! So if anyone has an idea for using these little quirkies, let me know and I'll try it and I'll tell everyone it was your idea!
Well actually I made these earlier this year and this was simply an exercise in editing on Blogspot and I must say, I need lots more practice.
I spent the whole dang day yesterday fooling around with this blog, and looked up at the clock about 30 minutes before punkin darlin was due to arrive home and I swear when he opened the door the dust bunnies were flying everywhere.

It's a hard job this retirement but as they say SOMEBUNNY's gotta do it. You have yourself a glorious and fulfilling day ya hear and love somebody beginning with YOU!


  1. I love these Mollye! How unique and what a great idea!!
    I think they are adorable and you should put them up for sale in your Etsy shop if you have one.

    I might just steal you idea and see what reaction I get.
    My Etsy Team is all about recycling.
    Way to go my amazing creative friend.

  2. I love your CD ideas too but what to do with them is another thing. Looking forward to hearing more ideas.


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