Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh Girlz.........There's just nothing like getting away for awhile like on our recent camping trip to rejuvenate and get your muses going again and yippee yay I feel mine coming back strong. TODAY is the day I am going to create. I am excited and I can hardly contain myself. Oh the wonders of it all. I am going to work on some lovely little cuffs, then some big puzzle pieces to alter and then work some more on little handbags and maybe even do something with papers. And then again I may try to finish some of the probably two dozen projects started way back when.......... oh I can't seem to remember when I did start them. But it dosen't matter because today is the day for ARTY stuff.

But first...........................I have to do these nasties!

And I must run in the laundry room and throw a little detergent in here to get all this stuff from the great trip outdoors clean again. And then of course it must go in here to dry.

And next of course you have to fold it up the ones that don't have to have

this.....................which are punkins work shirts and jeans. A pure labor of love though.

And when all is tidy inside I do have to go out to give a little TLC to the pool because I may just want to jump in this afternoon to cool off a spell before PD gets home and what with being away a few days it grew a bit of green here and there, so Algae Guard to the rescue.
And while I'm out so close, I could lend a helping hand to Punkin Darlin (he will be so proud of me) and pick up a few limbs that he trimmed yesterday and throw them up in the little truck. I can do that I'm sure.
And when I get back in I can hit the ART ROOM. Oh how I do love my art room. It just sits nicely waiting for me to come in and play.'s the beginning of one of those sweet little cuffs. See how I've started to arrange little pretties around and this one will be sweet. Won't it?

I might even get in this neat and orderly box of trims to find some more stuff to add to the little cuffie.

Then at the end of the day and I've cleaned, washed, dried, folded, ironed, cleaned the pool, picked up limbs, washed dishes and created art it will be time to go look at myself and hurredly get a little cute before PD comes in the door and if I time it just right I'll have time to sit myself right down here and post all the crafty things I created for you to see.
But for now I think I might just have ONE more teenie tiney cup of coffee and read a few of your blogs and maybe, just maybe go back to my comfy bed for a few more winks before I start my day. Couldn't hurt, could it?
Whew................................ I'm tired already.
Hope your day is fun as mine. Mollye


  1. Gal, I was worn out just READIN' what you have to do BEFORE you can get to the fun stuff....ART! lol
    Molly, you are so funny!

  2. oops! I mean mollye! sorry, forgot your special e on the end!

  3. Sounds like my day! LOL Your art room looks like lots of fun! Too bad there aren't more hours in the day to spend in there!

  4. I too am exhausted, but I adore the way you lined out your day. Wish I was there; and I feel like I was. Love YOU !!


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