Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We're home and we had an awesome camping trip. Lori and Marcus had everything set up and ready for us and as you can see it was more than A-OK.
Plenty of room for everyone to spread out and cute little tables to play games and eat at.
My girl is just a little more than organized. She had styro cups with a bar of soap in each one and in little bags to keep them all tidy and plenty of wash cloths and other necessities near by
Then when you wanted to go to the showers you just grabbed one of those big canvas bags and stuffed all your things in and after showering you had something to put your dirties in. Great Camping Tip #1.

This is what I woke to the first morning. Ummmmmmmmm nothing quite as good smelling as the coffee brewing and other goodies to make it even better! Great Camping Tip #2

Oh this is what I'm talking about. Scrambled eggs with fresh salsa and garlic cheesy toast with hot sausage, juice and coffee.

Here's Lori and Punkin Darlin with a job well done toast over a little toast. Bon Appetit'.

She was just showing us the emergency basket with a stash of cards and dice in case of rain or other mishaps that might keep us inside

when the bottom fell completely out and the morning was spent inside until the storm ended. Punkin D. was so glad to see those cards
but the crafty gal I am came prepared to create something. Didn't know exactly what but I did have my little scissors so I just found a very comfortable seat in the "house" and proceded to look for something to cut up or alter. Hey I see some paper nearby

But as soon as we had a break in the nasty weather we took to sea and here you can see our Captain looking more than a little concerned about the grey skies
Lori is ready for action though

and I am up to the challenge too

but the skies couldn't hold the deluge that came next and we were forced to seek dry ground

Once on the banks Lori said, "I came to fish" and fish she did. We stayed out of the boat so we could make a hasty retreat back to the motor home if necessary and we filled our stringer with just the right size scrumptious little bream, and doncha know there just ain't much better than frying these little buggers up with corn meal batter until they're golden and crunchy.

Even Marcus got his share, and I'm not supposed to tell you but this was the very FIRST fish the guy ever caught. Yep, tis true. He's a Stockton California type guy and just didn't have the same kind of fun out there as we hillbilly, redneck southern types do:) tee hee

Pretty nice rides here

and not too shabby here either

Some beach wash-up I thought might just make a good art background someday

and a really unusual little flower. Don't know what it was but looked so delicate to be so hardy as to grow from sand

And last but not least I wanted to call this "roots", but Mike said it should be "Old Man Standing Alone". Isn't this amazing how these trees can stand and thrive with almost all the roots exposed.
And THAT, boys and girls is a sampling of our camping trip. Good times, Good fun, Good food, Good folks but how Good to be back home. God is Good!
Peace, Mollye


  1. It looks like all kinds of fun (and of a sort I very much enjoy myself)! Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow...that's what I'd call 5 star camping! lol

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that tree!


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