Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Good Tuesday Morning my little pumpkin bumpkins! This post could be called Joys of The Farmers Wife, Fruits of Our Labors, or many other catchy little titles and they would all fit, but it's just plain joy for me to still be able to make something good out of what God freely gives to us here on our land and not to waste.
I absolutely had to make myself get off my duff yesterday and go tackle this flower bed and as usual I goofed up on my editing and the "before" picture came out at the top of the post but this is the "after". There's just something about the time that school starts up that your body says "It's almost fall" and then of course the temperatures here in Louisiana tell you your mind is playing tricks on you! But I was pleased with the way this thing looked afterward with a good cleaning out and now pretty soon I can put some fall stuff in for pretty colors, like some gorgeous Mums!

Here are some preserves I put up a few weeks ago. Pears, Figs, and Peach. We also have Apple and Plum trees and a great Persimmon out front. Punkin Darlin will prune them this fall and in two more years we will have a tremendous yield, so 'yall come on down and get you some.

Pickles... now what could be better than dill spears, bread n butter, sweet, and for the first time I canned some cucumber pickles and they are really good. Also here you can't see in the picture well, but the little jar on top is a beautiful green mint and is sooooooooo good with meat. Oh yes and the big quart jar is all sorts of hot and banana peppers with fresh grown garlic. I made up the recipe and was not sure it would be fit to eat but other than being hot as Georgia in July is pretty good.

And I carefully photographed an old, old cookbook of my mother-in-law, Miz Pearl's and note the 4-digit phone number in the bottom right hand corner. What a hoot. It is so brittle.

So that will conclude my little yard and kitchen handi-work presentation as I have to leave for my lab appointment, so hope you enjoyed and girls, you do not have to grow all these fruit trees and have a big garden to do a little canning. Just buy some goodies from the Farmer's Market or simply get them from the grocery store and put up your own for just your family. They will love it, be proud of you and you'll get that deep down good ole country prairie mama feelin' of satisfaction like none other!

Til next time, Happy Trails and see ya in the funnies, Mollye

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  1. Makes me feel like a lazy bones!! lol I kind of go into reverse hibernation. I slow down in the hot summer months. I hate heat! When fall hits I get a burst of energy. I need to pull out my whisper mill and grind some wheat to make some bread!! Then make some homemade jam to go on it!!
    You have inspired me Mollye girl!!


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