Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sleepytyme Babes... both big and small

Posy Pickin' can nere bout plumb tucker a little gal out

Monday night football held absolutely no charm for Lucille. She much preferred going to her boudoir with a good book
"Sit up, Savannah, You'll not retire until Ariel finishes her Sonata"

Mommy was such an angel and always knew just what to say

Harriett was an early riser always busy, busy, busy doing for others

Roses always brought Ursula dreams of the American

Taking her hair down for the evening was a lengthy process for Emily Margarette'm not a bit sleepy. Just resting my eyes a bit

Oui Mama, 'twas just a wee yawn and one I covered with my fingertips

Dreaming of sweetness, sugar and spice would help keep this tyke lovely and nice
No I'm not afraid I'll miss something

You can turn out the light now. I'm not afraid and alone

Yes, Darling. I know you're a big girl now, but big girls can fall hard you know

Agatha Edison, youngest daughter of the very young Thomas

Now I lay me down to sleep and I pray the Lord my soul to keep's OK they're not too wet. I'm happy. It's a new day

No Mum, it was not I who got in your lipcolors

He ain't heavy.........he's my brother

Hope everyone slept well last night.
Now it's a new day so let's all go and make some memories and save a little time for art too!
Arty Hugs, Mollye


  1. Mollye, you are so delightful! Your captions were such a great mix of sweetness and downright hysterical humor! loved every one of 'em! (and what an awesome collection to make art with!)

    Thanks for adding this bundle of joy to my day today, gal!

  2. Mollye you are so much fun!!!!
    Have a great day!

  3. What a wonderful blog! I will be popping back often! I am now following you. Pop and see me at my blog when you get a chance! SuzieX

  4. What a lot of fun!!! Wonderful pictures and perfect words to go with! I'm with Lucille ;)
    Your blog banner is fabulous too! So glad I came for a visit!


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