Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miz Pearl's Teapots on Parade

I couldn't resist showing off my sweet, sweet mother-in-law's Teapot Collection. She was so proud of them. There are still a few more I don't have posted. Please excuse the dust you see on some of them, but you know bloggers do not have time to dust!

Her name was Lily Pearl and I think that is the most southern genteel and precious name I've ever heard. These pictures were the last we had made with her and they were taken of Mike and I with his Momma on Mother's Day of 2003. She sadly died the next year almost to the day. At her funeral there were hosts of people and all said they had never heard her swear or say an unkind thing about anyone. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. We miss you Miz Pearl.

Now sit back and enjoy the Parade of Teapots!

Have a Blessed Day. And be good to someone beginning with you!


  1. beautiful favorite is definitely the elephant---I've never seen one like!

  2. Love those teapots! But being english, I love tea!
    Lily Pearl sounds like she was a lovely lady. Suzie. :)

  3. Lovely memories!
    I remember summers in North Dakota. One of my favorite aunts - Aunt Zermyrl - don't know if I spelled that correctly - anyway, she had a collection of tea cups. I used to love to dust them. To pick them up and get a close look at all the loveliness. I thought it was a treat - she probably got a kick out of clean cups!!!!! lol

  4. Those are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing


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