Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Even Big Girls have to Play!
I was visiting my new friend Kimmie's blog over at Art In Redwagons and she had recently finished with a Puzzle Swap and I was hooked. You just have to go take a look and see the puzzle as a whole after everyone created their puzzle piece, and you know me.......if I see something so enchanting I feel like I've just got to have one too!
But I had no one to swap with and the impatient one I am was off and running to the Goodwill for used puzzles but alas there were none. So to the Dollar Store and once again was let down. Dang-it what was I to do. WallyWorld to the rescue, but what I had hoped to pick up for a quarter ended up costing much more. However I came back armed with a load of kids puzzles with more than huge pieces as you can see here.

Well I thought it would be fun to do each one based on a theme so for my first I covered the pieces with floral images and then cut or tore out illustrations from the old Sears Roebuck Catalog and colored them up a bit and glued them on and inked all the edges. Captions were added for fun and then a layer of Diamond Glaze which I think I will leave off on the future ones. I painted the frame black and added buttons with the hot glue gun and screwed on a vintage drawer pull thing on top. Double click on each image for a more up close look.

And lastly I glued each piece to the board and when all was dry, I went around each piece with glue paint to give it a stained glass/mosaic look. Overall I am pleased and I could attach a little sawtooth hanger to the back or display it on a stand. I still have three more and was thinking of themes for them. One of them I think I will do on a religious theme with some iconagraphy and richer embellishments. Thanks Kimmie for the inspiration. This was fun. If anyone wants to do a swap let me know and I could send each one a puzzle piece and we could go from there with the final result being nicely copied prints of the completed one for everyone to do as they wish with. I don't know exactly how it works.

'til later, Mollye
and oh yes, tell your friends they can still enter the giveaway for another 5 days!


  1. MOLLYE!!!!! THAT IS COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Girl, you have totally inspired me!!! Thanks!

  2. You've gotta post that in the gallery on Create By Faith!

  3. You are just amazing :)
    how brilliant to get a used puzzle - those blanks ones are just plain too dang hard to find!
    I just LOVE the result - and the button frame border is perfect!!!
    Great job!

  4. This is totally awesome!! I love what you did with this. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Tomorrow I'm gonna raid my little girls room and see if I can find me a puzzle to play with too. If I cant find one then wallyworld here I come.

  5. Ohmigosh. I am SOOOOO glad I haven't thrown or given away all those kid puzzles. I think I have a whole slew of nieces, daughters, and friends who would enjoy this. In fact, I do believe I'll post a link to your post on my Facebook page and see if I get any takers. And my blog...oooh. This is gonna rock.


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