Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sharing The Grapes From Our Vintage Vineyard

"Sweeter as the years go by, Sweeter as the years go by; Richer, fuller, deeper, Jesus' love is sweeter, Sweeter as the years go by".

These lyrics were taken from an old hymnal belonging to Miz Pearl and one day I'll photograph some images from it for you and wouldn't you agree that the things we "unearth, resurrect, acquire and just hang onto" are indeed sweeter as the years go by?

What a natural and raw beauty this little ladder back chair that Punkin found up in the attic is. We're fortunate because this is the house he grew up in and there in the attic is a virtual treasure trove of vintage surprises. His Daddy and Grandfather made this little chair and three more like it from deer hide for the seat which you can see is stretched over the legs that were hand sawed, turned and put together with nails. They are well over 60 years old. I use it at Miz Pearls sewing machine table and don't trust it to be sat in as the hide is brittle.
My daughter Lori bought this tiny beaded evening bag for me at an antique mall in Hot Springs, Arkansas and I just treasure it because I think back on the women before me and what hard working women they were who sacrificed so much for their families that for them to have something so dainty and sweet like this little bag would have been completely out of the question. How special they would have felt owning something so femme and glam. I don't actually know how old this little jewelry box is because I got it through the online Goodwill Auction and if you've never done that, you're missing some fun. As a girl, I always dreamed of having a little Ballerina Music/Jewelry Box, so I went for it. The image on top is foiled and pretty scratched up, but still had a certain charm and appeal to me.
She long ago stopped singing and twirling, but she still pops up in her little white tutu and I adore this.
I bought this doll several years ago and probably paid too much for her as she came from one of the pricey little shops my daughter Shari and I had gone to called "Antique Alley" in West Monroe, Louisiana and you know how they typically gouge the prices at these type places, but I fell in love with her as she is so much like a favorite dolly of mine when I was probably 8 or so playing house in my backyard. She wears her original clothing and is plyable rubber all over but stuffed with excelsor or wool type stuff and if you pinch her hard, the imprint stays awhile. Her body is not straight up and down as her little butt pokes out in the back. She is not jointed at her limbs. I think she is a beauty and I would say she is in "mint" condition.
And as usual I saved the pick of the litter for last! Here you see a couple of things I truly try to take good care of. These cowboys and their horses which are separate are made of hard plastic. They're complete originals, not knock-offs. They both belonged to Punkin Darlin when he was a boy and were two of only a few things he can remember getting as gifts when he was a boy. He treasured them, playing with them ever so little so they would stay nice. So they are probably around 50 years old. There is a Gene Autry Museum in of course Gene Autry, Oklahoma and we hope to take a little trip up there one day. Here's old Gene and one of his pals.
And here he is Boys and Girls..........the "King of Cowboys", Roy Rogers and his beloved horse, Trigger. He's back in the saddle again as his beautiful wife Dale would say. Aren't they too precious for words?
and kids if you want to be in Roy's Club you must remember these 10 very important rules.........
1.Be neat and clean
2.Be courteous and polite
3.Always obey your parents
4.Protect the weak and help them
5.Be brave but never take chances
6.Study hard and learn all you can
7.Be kind to animals and take care of them
8.Eat all your food and never waste any
9.Love God and go to Sunday School regularly
10.Always respect our flag and our country
(Note: They worked for us back then and they'll work for us today)
That's all boys and girls
Happy Trails To You, 'Til We Meet Again


  1. Hello Mollye, thank you for visiting my blog! I am so glad you find it cheery, because although I like to touch on deeper subjects sometimes, I really want people to go away feeling uplifted! Thanks too for the kind offer of the cross stitch patterns, but I design all the cross stitch and stitchery shown on my shop and on my blog myself, so even if I wanted to I just wouldn't have time! I used to buy other people's designs years ago, but since designing my own, well you can imagine how much time sewing them all up myself takes! Lovely post again! I love the ladder back chair! Suzie. XX

  2. What treasures! Those are all such wonderful things!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Oh what treasures you have there my friend
    I had a doll that looked like that but she was a Suzy Walker doll.
    The Gene Autry toy is amazing. I love him as a young girl, I actually met him at the Snake River Stampede Rodeo in Nampa Idaho when I was about 10 years old.
    Love the jewelry box. It is all some neat stuff!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Wow, Mollye! Visiting your blog is like opening a treasure box every day! Love, absolutely love the photographs of your "sweeter as the years go by" collection.

    And I so got a kick outta the Roy Rogers Rules....indeed still applicable to today!

    You know what, Mollye? You are just plain ol' fun!


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