Monday, August 31, 2009

WINNER...Truth or Spoof

Well Thank You Girlz all for playing along with me in my silly little game. There were 23 entries and your comments warmed my heart and your answers were funny. I wrote all the names and the number of which you commented on little circles and put them in one of the tiny teapots and Punkin Darlin oh so gently reached in and drew one out!

Congratulations Terry from Terry's Treasures whose name he drew, so Terry will be receiving a very nice box of goodies and she also is a quilter so she will love the Crazy Quilt book. Terry, please contact me by email and give me your address.
Now to answer some of your comments. I was a Car hop and Waitress as a teenager at the drive-in/diner my parents owned. I went directly into Business College after high school and while attending school was trained by our family dentist as a Dental Assistant but he ran me off due to his darkroom antics! I worked as a Social Service Designee at a skilled nursing facility for a time and worked as a Telephone Operator when my girls were young and oops! almost forgot that while in high school I worked Saturdays at a ladies dress shop called Lerner's and got to "model" the new fashions while working. I've been a Merchandise Buyer of educational materials in retail and my late husband and I were Caretakers for a hunting club in northern California and also lived with a wealthy family for a short time as tutor/nanny for their children and were their personal cooks. I've tried my hand at house painting and went to beauty school and became a Hair Stylist when the kids were in their teens. My daughter, Lori has a tax office in Hot Springs, Arkansas and also a cable TV show. I go up there during tax season to work in her office and today I write from home the TV copy for all the restaurant sponsors on her show. At my retirement time, I finished my "professional career" as Secretary for the Cathedral of which we are Parishioners here in Shreveport.
Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I forget anything? Oh yes and I am a huge fan of John Grisham, reading everything he writes as soon as it's out and watch crime and courtroom TV like crazy, but Never no Never have I been a PARALEGAL. And one person guessed that. And because there was only one who came up with the correct Spoof, I have a "Runner-up Pressie" for her.

Deborah of Vintage Soul, please contact me so I can arrange to send you something.
I wish you had all won a gift but I sure won because I made lots of new friends from playing this giveaway game and hope you'll keep coming back to visit, because I know I will continue to see what you're doing. Feels like we're Sisters now:)
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Aw, shucks! Of course, I was designated #13....hello! not that I'm superstitious or anything, but I don't think that helped me any! lol

    Not a paralegal...well. *giggle*...I still think you'd have no problem doing that if you ever chose to, Mollye! lol

    Thanks for this bit of fun on the net! I enjoyed the suspense!

  2. Woo hoooooooo for Terry :)
    I guessed wrong when I said dentist assistant too, darn.

  3. Congrats to the winner and runner up. I'm sure they will be pleased. And I wouldn't miss your posts for anything,they always bring a smile to my face. Have a good day!

  4. Oh thank you so much! I can't believe I won! :0)

  5. Can I just say that that was my second choice!!


  6. Oh I have enjoyed reading this! Congrats to Terry!
    Suzie. x :)

  7. Hey Miz Mollye, i am so glad I guessed right (yippee!) I knew that one seemed a little too staid for you. Thank you for signing up for Vintage Ornament Swap. Since I am starting early I am sure I will get enough people eventually. If not I already have you :) I will send you my info privately.

  8. By the way, what did that dentist do to you?


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