Friday, September 18, 2009

Footwear and Fancy Free Friday

TGIF already............and I wanted to share with you before the week is gone some of the wild, zany, fun, wacky and even beautiful footwear from one of the books I bought last week at Centenary College's Book Bazaar. The name of the little book is "Shoes" written and photographed by Linda O'Keeffe and it is a hoot! There are hundreds of shoes in this book and I got it for $1.75 and plan to cut them out to use in my art. Won't feel a bit bad about it! lol. Click on the images to enlarge.

these were designed for a movie
wild and wacky category wouldn't you say

love this red number and always have favored the T-Strap design

perfect for using in some of the Marie collage art

I can see these numbers in the beautiful category

zany and sci-fi?

looks strangely Brittney to me...

ooh la la

And this pair.........believe it or not, I own a pair very similar and bought them just last year after recovering from foot surgery and they are truly the most comfortable heels I've ever worn!

This takes the cake though
wheres PETA?

I can see all sorts of possibilities here with ribbons,lace,old jewelry just to name a few for embelishing a plain pair of pumps

That was fun and I know many of us love our shoes and I seem to hang on to them longer than I should. I really am not or don't want to be a hoarder but unless they are outlandish in style, or completely worn out I tend to just keep them hanging in the shoe bags. However I did some research to see what is out there as an alternative to the Goodwill (not knocking them in any way) and I found an interesting organization I wanted to share with you.
Click on the image below for details to a wonderful project!
I think I will adopt the attitude I recently heard about from an arty gal regarding purchasing more supplies; and that is if there if one more pair of shoes brought into this house two pair will first have to go! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm just food for thought.
tha tha tha .....that's all folks.............see ya in the funnies, mizmollye
oh and hope to see you all tomorrow for Pink Saturday!


  1. What a brilliant post! My Mum had a bit of a shoe obsession, she wasn't exactly Imelda Marcos(spelling?) but she loved shoes! I really love the pair with cows legs! Thanks for you wonderful comments on my blog again! You are a sweetpea! Suzie. x

  2. I do a love a sexy pair of shoes!


  3. shoes are definitely a weakness .... what I can't believe is how my feet are still growing! so a lot of my fav's don't fit anymore - argh!

    p.s. thank you so much for your recent very sweet comment on my blog - it was very much appreciated :)

  4. Oh my freakin' goodness! Those are wonderful, just wonderful. AND. They make me want to alter some shoes I have not worn in a while. You have just created my latest "Gotta Do!"

    Lot's wife? I do hope that just makes me the salt of the earth, lol!

  5. Great post molly, I love all those pics of shoes. They will be great for your artwork. Have a good weekend.


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